The Best Things to Do on Your Days Off in Weybridge

Everyone needs a bit of time off every now and then. We all work hard, and so when a day comes along where you don’t have anything planned, you should make the most of it and let your hair down. If you are in or are a local to Weybridge then you will be happy to know that there are a number of different options for you on how you can spend your days off. These are all going to be discussed in greater detail below.

Visit Some of the Local Cafes

On a summer’s day, is there anything quite like getting yourself a nice drink and some food from a café and then sitting outside and enjoying the peace and tranquillity that comes with it? It is hard to find a feeling quite like it and as such, if you have a bit of time off, then why not check out some of the great local cafes that are there in Weybridge? When doing this, you can pair it with one of your favourite activities, such as reading a good book, talking to your friends, or even online gaming on some of the pokies online Australia that are available to play on.


Topgolf is a brand-new phenomenon that has taken the world by storm as people absolutely love to play it and see what kind of score they are able to get. The game is simple. It’s golf but done for those that do not have a natural golfing ability as you will be hitting micro-chipped golf balls at dartboard-like targets. It well and truly caters to the sports enthusiast who wants to have a round of golf but is useless with a club. The game can be a lot of fun when done in a group as a bit of friendly competition never hurt anybody, did it? If you are interested in playing Topgolf, then be sure to check it out. At around £6 per person, it is relatively cheap to get involved in as well.

Painshill Park

There is some truly lovely scenery in and around Weybridge, and as such, it would almost be wrong to not include any of it on this list. Without a doubt, one of the nicest places to go for a serene view on your day off has to be Painshill Park. It was designed back in the 18th century and since then has managed to rack up a multitude of awards. Be sure to bring the dog or the kids here, have a cold drink and enjoy everything that the park has to offer. At only £10 for an adult, the cost of experience at Painshill Park is hardly the most expensive thing you could do on your day off.


If you have a day off in Weybridge, then you are going to be happy to know that you are spoilt for choice at the number of things you can do. These include but are not limited to that listed above.