The Best Things to Do in Weybridge Before Summer Ends

The summer has been … questionable to say the least. It began shrouded in uncertainty as COVID-19 cases seemed to rise and the likelihood of restrictions easing became touch and go. Then, as restrictions were lifted, the weather was lacklustre. Do you find yourself now approaching the end of summer and worried that you haven’t made the most of it? Panicking about what you can do in the next month or so to capitalise on any remaining sun that we might have? Well, look no further than Weybridge.

Weybridge has a variety of different attractions available, both outdoors and indoors, so regardless of the weather you can have some fun and enjoy the remaining moments of summer that we have. Here are some of the best attractions open to the public that you should consider going to.

Thorpe Park

It’s an easy place to start as if you’re a thrill seeker, there really is nowhere else quite like it in the country. Thorpe Park comes absolutely packed with things to do as it has over 25 rides and attractions, all of which are designed to get your blood pumping and exhilarate the entire family.

There are a number of different themed areas that the entire park is split into, these include Port Atlantis, Amity Cove, Canada Creek, Ranger Country and Neptune’s Kingdom. They are all great fun and there is something for everyone to do in each, especially if you like travelling at brain-pounding speeds and dropping from eye-watering heights.

Try the Local Pubs and Restaurants

Weybridge is great if you like to stop occasionally for a lovely drink and some food as there is a huge variety of pubs available. These come with a load of different ales, wines and spirits to try, plus a mixed bag of things to do, including live singers, quizzes or fruit machines, so if you enjoy playing online casinos for real money then there will be a chance to do just that as well.

Mercedes-Benz World

This is located on the historic Brooklands racing track, which seems pretty appropriate given it houses some of the greatest supercars to ever put rubber to road throughout the years of motorsport. Whilst looking around you’ll get to see over 100 cars spread out amongst three floors. It doesn’t stop there though, as there are also five courses available that will allow you to advance your driving skills. Helpful staff are on hand to give you in-depth and helpful lessons, to the point that even kids are able to get their hands on the steering wheel, something they will never forget.

It’s easy to get to as well as all you simply need to do is take the bus from the Weybridge railway station (or Woking station) and this will drop you off at the attraction.


Don’t let the summer pass by without making the most of it. There is plenty for you to get involved in at Weybridge, with the above only the tip of the iceberg.