Queens of poker - review of documentary about successful women in poker

Queens of poker: a review of a documentary about successful women in poker

Women are willing to risk a successful job for a career in poker. Poker Queens is a film that both inspires and amazes as talented female poker players can make millions from their savvy and bluffing skills.

The world of gambling has long been more than just a man’s game, as you might often see in Hollywood. And Queens of Poker is clear proof of that. The documentary about the best female poker players will appeal to fans of classic gambling films.

At the same time, director Sandra Mohr, an experienced poker player, notes that the film will resonate in the hearts of more than just card players. And if you are inspired and want to play poker online, you may wish to look into the £5 minimum deposit casino.

Interesting details of the film Queens of Poker

In the film Queens of Poker, a surprising statistic was voiced: the number of women in poker is less than 7% of the total number of live poker players. On top of that, none of them have ever taken home the top prize at the prestigious event, the World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournament. Among the biggest obstacles cited by the filmmakers are men who openly despise and disapprove of the presence of women in poker rooms.

Actress and professional poker player Jennifer Tilly admits that it’s a little scary when you join a game where only men are at the table. That’s why the documentary Queens of Poker tells their stories to the bravest, those who are willing to take on the challenge. After all, as a result, many female poker players earn considerable sums, sometimes reaching millions of dollars.

The main stars of the film Queens of Poker
“Queens of Poker” is a film about talented and brave women who live and breathe poker. The film therefore showcases some of the best female representatives of the gambling game, who are truly the ‘queens’ of their craft:

  • Kristen Bicknell,
  • Liv Bory,
  • Jennifer Harman,
  • Loni Harwood,
  • Katie Liebert,
  • Kelly Minken,
  • Jennifer Tilly,
  • Maskan Sethi,
  • Esther Taylor,
  • Jillian Epp,
  • Gene Fisher,
  • Angelica Hale,
  • Linda Johnson.
“We were lucky enough to have the most beautiful women who played in the WSOP”
– commented on the cast of the film, producer Christine D. Beatty.

In addition to talented female poker players, the film features some of the world’s top poker professionals, including Daniel “Kid Poker” Negreanu, Joey Ingram, Jeff Boskey, Ryan Depaulo and intellectual development coach Elliot Rowe. All of them publicly condemn sexism and support more women at the gaming table.

Not without a scandal

The poker players in Sandra Mohr’s film are skilled, competitive women who are willing to do whatever it takes to win. In one episode, for example, poker star Sia Light uses what some might call a “transgender” gambit. With the help of a Hollywood make-up artist, she transforms herself into “one of the guys” using a strategy that immediately triples her winnings in online tournaments and casino games.

The film doesn’t get around this fact and shows the dramatic controversy that ensued after WSOP committee members vowed to disqualify Seiya and keep her $10,000 buy-in if she played a tournament in a man’s suit.

While the Queen of Poker tape isn’t quite popular enough, Western gambling reviewers have generally rated it quite positively. These include US Poker CardsChat and Poker News Daily, who wrote: “All the women involved in making the documentary – from Maura to the many poker stars who contributed – should be proud of the result, as the film deserves to be a staple for all poker players to watch.”