Potholes On Surrey Roads – How To Report Them

Potholes On Elmbridge & Surrey Roads - How To Report Them

Surrey Ranked Way Down In 155th Position Of Local Authorities For Fixing Reported Potholes 

Locals have been frequently complaining recently about the state of roads, with potholes being hazardous, causing damage to cars and potentially lethal accidents for cyclists. The website ‘Fix That Hole’ exists to exert pressure on local authorities by monitoring the rate of fixes and reporting their performance. At 31st January 2018, Surrey was in a dismal 155th position out of 214 Loacal Authorities. They had 7,956 total reports, with 6,757 open reports and 1,164 fixed reports, which is a fix rate of only 15%.

Reply Received About Potholes In Seven Hills Road

“Dear Sir/Madam
Thank you for your enquiry reported on 26 Jan 2018 20:20 which has been logged as follows:

Reference number: SQ-1037155
Details: Carriageway Defect – Potholes

We are experiencing a very high volume of defect reports for Seven Hills Road at the present time, and so we are inspecting the road at least once a week in response. We know that Seven Hills Road is in very poor condition – however not every defect is considered to be a Safety Defect, so we are not repairing every defect.

For more information on our standards and procedures please see here: Highway Safety Inspections – standards and procedures  Generally speaking, a pothole must be 40mm or more deep and 150mm or more in diameter to be considered a Safety Defects – there are many defects in Seven Hills Road that are below this threshold.

Unfortunately we simply cannot afford to repair every defect, so we have drawn the line at a point in line with the relevant National Code of Practice, and we have found our standards to be defendable when challenged in court.

Following discussions with Elmbridge Borough Council we are bidding to Elmbridge Borough Council for CIL funding to resurface the worst section of Seven Hills Road. We will get an indication of the likely outcome of this bid towards the end of February. If the bid is not successful, then all we can offer at the present time is to continue to repair Safety Defects as we become aware of them.

Once again thank you for contacting us. If you have any further queries or require additional information you may find the following page on our website useful: Seasonal information for road users ”

Response sent to local resident Claire Lemmon regarding the problem she reported to Surrey County Council

Update Received From Elmbridge Councillor

The Elmbridge Local Committee led by the brilliant John O’Reilly have asked for £450k+ from the Elmbridge Community Infrastructure Levy to cover the full resurfacing of 2000 metres of Seven Hills Rd from Whiteleys south
Andrew Burley

Elmbridge Borough Councillor - Oxshott, Stoke D'Abernon and Cobham Fairmile, (@OxshottCllr on Twitter)

Sponsored Walk Along Seven Hills Road By Vicar Of Dibley Suggested!

We received a suggestion from James Dale that to draw attention to the problem and support some worthy charities, maybe The Vicar Of Dibley could do a sponsored walk along Seven Hills Road on Comic Relief! (see the video above).

Reporting Potholes – Contact Surrey County Council, Not Elmbridge or other Local Councils

A local resident recently raised the concern of a potentially lethal pothole for cyclists coming down Caenswood Hill Weybridge to Elmbridge Council on Twitter. They have replied that potholes need to be reported to Surrey County Council and that the website page for doing this is on the following link: www9.surreycc.gov.uk/highwayproblem/LocateProblem.aspx?GISDefectTypeId=8 but …
If you think this is an emergency then please call call their contact centre on 0300 200 1003.
The website states:
The level of response is dependent on the location, size and risk that the defect poses to public safety. This may result in it either:

being repaired within 28 days if it is identified as a safety risk
being repaired as part of other programmed works
being monitored as part of the routine inspections programme as the risk to public safety is not sufficient to merit any action

Highways & Roadworks: Reporting Emergencies To Surrey County Council

Definition and examples of reports that are considered an emergency

A report or defect that requires an immediate response is one that has a high risk of vehicle/pedestrian interaction with the likely result of serious or even fatal consequences.

Examples of what are considered to be emergency situations that would require an immediate response

  • Road collapse
  • Landslide resulting in part or the entire road being impassable
  • Structure collapse (e.g. bridge, wall, fences, scaffolds, hoarding)
  • Street Furniture collapse e.g. road signs and other street furniture damaged to such an extent that they have become a direct danger or obstruction to the travelling public – e.g. bent into the path of vehicles
  • Missing manhole/gully cover
  • Road traffic accidents resulting in debris or oil on the carriageway
  • Vehicle fire on carriageway
  • Debris e.g. shed load
  • Large dead animals e.g. cattle/deer/horse causing obstruction. Please note that this does not apply if the road is passable; e.g. small animals not causing obstruction, or fly-tipping on verge
  • Oil or paint spills
  • Toxic or hazardous material or spill
  • Fallen tree, branch or lamp column blocking part or the entire carriageway
  • Unlit skip during hours of darkness
  • Exposed electrical wires e.g. cover missing from lamp column
  • Extensive flooding resulting in road being impassable, or flood presenting high risk of damage to property or danger to public. Please note: This does not include burst pipes or water mains, which should be dealt with by the water utility – Thames Water or Southern Water depending on the area in which the flood is located
  • Road openings, left unguarded or unprotected, presenting a potential danger to the public
  • Traffic signals (temporary or permanent) that are not working

If you are unsure and need advice on whether you think its an emergency situation, please call this number 0300 200 1003.


Information Source: Surrey County Council Website page:

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