Benefits Of Yoga For Anyone Over 50

Yoga is a wonderful form of gentle stretches and exercise that creates loving harmony between the mind, body and spirit. Yoga has become increasingly more popular and far more integrated into the Western world over recent years. It is by far one of the healthiest forms of exercise and can be done by anyone, regardless of your age, size or fitness level.

The beauty of yoga is that there is truly something for everyone, there isn’t only one type or one way of doing it. The practice of yoga spans far and wide and includes hundreds of different poses and variations to suit almost anyone’s needs.

Yoga offers flexibility, strength, stretching and fitness which is all aimed at your level that you are able to handle. You don’t have to push yourself or worry about breaking a bone, you are able to choose how far you want to go and take it slow if that is what you need. If you in the Weybridge area and looking for a community of senior yogis where you are able to go at your own pace, then look no further! VernYoga studio has a wide array of classes on offer, senior yoga included.

Vernette is the owner and is an experienced senior yoga teacher with many other skills to offer, such as: reiki, dance and Pilates. She offers classes in person at her studio, as well as online classes on Zoom. Find the times and class that suits your needs best and book a class with her today.

If you are still unsure as to whether yoga is for you or not, here are just some benefits to consider if you are over 50 and wanting to try it for the first time:

Strength and Balance

Yoga can feel gentle and might look like it doesn’t take much effort, but holding a pose for an extended period of time can give your muscles a deep work out. So much so that you may want to reward yourself with a few of the online slots Australia offers afterwards.

Mental Clarity

Yoga is a brilliant way to calm the mind and maintain focus. It also helps you practice mental clarity while using your body and mind to maintain deep concentration while holding a pose.

Pain And Inflammation Management

Stretching feels amazing and it highly beneficial for your body too. It helps to increase blood flow throughout the body, as well as release toxins and reduce inflammation that may be causing pain.

Strengthens And Protects Joints

If you struggle with arthritis, general aches and pains or any kind of inflammation in the body then yoga is definitely the practice for you. Stretching helps increase synovial fluid and blood flow to your joints, which can help relieve arthritis pain.

So, if you are over 50 and feeling like you need to try something new that supports your mental, physical and spiritual health, then why not give yoga a bash? Join Vernette at her next yoga class!