The Parents Class is an evidence-led antenatal education service, based in the South East of England.

Parents Class - Midwife Led Ante-Natal Classes
The Parents Class are a new service created to meet the demand for antenatal classes providing evidence-led information delivered by qualified and experienced midwives in beautiful spaces in the southeast of England. We currently have classes in locations across East London, Surrey, Sussex, and West London.

The beauty of our classes is that there is no agenda or bias, we simply provide parents with the information they need to make informed choices on the decisions that lie ahead in their pregnancies, which is why our courses have been developed by multi-award-winning midwife Cass McNamara – who is also our clinical lead.

We currently offer 2 courses, the Mid-Pregnancy Course for parents between 18 and 28 weeks gestation covering several topics including exercise, nutrition and wellbeing in the second trimester, standard tests and baby’s development and growth measurement during pregnancy. And the Full Antenatal Course for parents between 30 and 38 weeks which covers various topics including understanding different stages of labour, induction and elective c-section, infant feeding, postnatal planning, and so much more. In addition to these expected topics, we also cover topics that parents may not have covered including delayed cord clamping, upright birthing and baby stem cell storage.

Fresh approach to Antenatal Education tailored to you parents
Antenatal Classes in Surrey and South East by Parents Class

Although we’re a new provision, we are extremely proud of the supportive community we are building, giving parents a network of peers to discuss the highs and lows of pregnancy. Our Community is an online platform that is free for parents to join, connect, read and ask questions. Once booked on a course, parents will have access to read course content in their own time online, allowing them to revisit subjects and discuss in the comfort of their own home.

For us, at The Parents Class, the key is giving parents an informed choice in the decisions that lie ahead with information provided by educated and experienced professionals that they can trust. Taking a Fresh Approach to Antenatal Education.

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