Is Now the Perfect Time for More Entertainment Venues to Open in Weybridge?

The internet has expanded the entertainment industry massively in the digital space, but it has also influenced the rise of physical social venues in recent years. For example, bingo halls have made a comeback thanks to the rise of online bingo. Axe-throwing venues have been inspired by offerings like Game of Thrones and Vikings, while escape rooms have emerged as places to take part in real-world puzzle games.

There are plenty of places in Surrey to enjoy all of these activities, but there’s a gap in the market for venues in Weybridge specifically. It could be the perfect time for an astute businessperson to open one in the area.

Bingo Halls

Bingo halls used to be all the rage up and down the country, and they are coming back into fashion again thanks to the booming online bingo industry. The digital version of the game has exposed it to a much wider array of people than ever before. For example, the online bingo at Paddy Power includes themed rooms such as Paddy’s Pennies and Deal or No Deal Multiplier. There are also slot games and Slingo offerings of varying genres. This means there’s something to appeal to everyone, which is why so many people are starting to enjoy bingo.

The rise in bingo halls around the UK correlates with the resurgence of bingo online. There are a few options for Weybridge residents in the surrounding region, but all of them are at least a 30-minute drive away. It would be great to have something closer to home.

Axe Throwing

Axe throwing has blown up in popularity over the last five years, with the Guardian reporting that Britons are using it as a way to relieve stress while socialising at the same time. The closest axe-throwing venue to Weybridge is We Are Maxesive in Guildford, which is around 23 minutes in the car. It’s an excellent venue with food and drinks as well, but unfortunately, it’s not within walking distance for people from Weybridge.

With more than 20 axe-throwing venues scattered around the southeast of England, it’s clear that there’s a huge interest in the activity in these parts. Therefore, it would make sense for someone to open an axe-throwing joint in Weybridge. There’s no doubt that it would be a hit.

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms represent another activity that has exploded thanks to the booming gaming industry. People want real-world puzzle games in which they can compete with friends, and escape rooms are the perfect opportunity to do so. There are countless escape rooms in the surrounding area, but none are located within Weybridge itself.

The closest options for Weybridge dwellers in search of escape rooms are in Woking. Paradox Parlours is the highest-rated escape room there, with a five-star rating on TripAdvisor. It has numerous themes to take part in, meaning that there are plenty of opportunities for repeat visits.

It’s clear that entertainment venues are thriving in the wider Surrey area. It’s high time that Weybridge had some offerings of its own, so residents here didn’t have to travel too far.