Parking is usually a hot topic in Weybridge. It is commonly known that there are two types of parking available – on-street and off-street throughout Elmbridge Borough. However, in Elmbridge, each type of parking is administered via different local authorities. Surrey County Council (SCC), the principal highways authority, is charged with the free flow of managing traffic and is responsible for on-street parking. The SCC is also in charge of setting the time limits for parking, yellow lines, etc.

On the other hand, Elmbridge Borough Council (EBC) controls all off-street parking like public car parks and other parking bays and areas. The EBC is in charge of ensuring correct payment times, metres, costs, and so on for all off-street parking facilities provided to residents, visitors, and tourists. The tricky part here is that the EBC is also subcontracted to impose and collect fines and other charges on the SCC’s behalf.

The most significant issue with parking in Weybridge is the confusion between the SCC and the EBC. Ideally, parking on all publicly-maintained highways is prohibited. However, in Weybridge, parking is ‘tolerated’ on-street in some areas. This issue has been causing residents and motorists plenty of angst over several years.

It is best to avoid the hassle between the EBC and the SCC and instead opt for a pre-booked parking spot with All of the spaces are vetted by a team of experts, cross-checked, and are highly affordable. The parking spaces are easy to reserve and can be booked from the comfort of your smartphone or a laptop with internet connectivity. Whether you are a resident of Weybridge or are passing through, ensuring your vehicle has a safe and secure car parking space available at all times is a necessity.

Saturday Free Parking Offers:

Elmbridge County offers free Saturday parking in certain car parks. The reason for this free parking is to support local businesses and high streets.
● Walton Road car park – 1 hour of free parking
● Drewitts Court car park – 1 hour of free parking (2m height restriction)
● Manor Road car park – 1 hour of free parking
● Ashley Park car park – 1 hour of free parking
● New Berry Lane car park – 1 hour of free parking
● Ashley Road car park – 1 hour of free parking
● Southbank car park – 1 hour of free parking (2m height restriction)

While parking in a free parking slot in any of the above car parks, you would still be required to take a ticket to keep track of the time. While the parking is free for up to one hour, you will be charged for the parking once the free time is up.

Blue Badge parking is free for people with disabilities. However, it is still necessary to reserve the parking under the Blue Badge scheme and present adequate documentation whenever needed. Failure to comply with these standards set by Elmbridge County for parking in Weybridge may be considered illegal parking.

Motorcycles can also park for free. However, this is applicable only in public pay and display car parks. Riders should check if there are any unique motorcycle parking bays available for public use.


Churchfield car park is one of the busiest parking areas in Weybridge. It provides a car washing service, has close proximity to the town centre, free disabled parking (3 cars maximum), and is well-lit and safe. Regular customers of this parking garage can easily get a 60% discount on seasonal passes per quarter.

The rates for the pay and display charges are 40p for up to 30 minutes, £1.80 for up to 2 hours, and a daily rate charge of £9.50 (if parking for over 4 hours). The Churchfield car park also offers online payment systems for guests via a mobile app or a mobile phone.

Baker Street:

Baker Street car park is another popular car parking area in Weybridge. It has quick access to the city centre via a brisk walk to Church Road. Unfortunately, this parking area does not have disability access and no disabled parking. Wheelchair access is not provided, and many patrons with disabilities find it tough to move around freely.

The upside is that parking on public holidays and bank holidays is free. The rates for the pay and display charges are 40p for up to 30 minutes, £1.80 for up to 2 hours, and a full day rate of £6.50 (if parking for more than 4 hours). Customers can also pay online via a mobile app or a smartphone.