How to Bring Colour into Your Home Décor

take a look at our guide to adding little pops of colour or even a bold, colourful statement

Are you looking around at your neutral, cream, or even white home and wondering what it needs? If you’re finding yourself tired of your bland home, take a look at our guide to adding little pops of colour or even a bold, colourful statement.

Accent walls

The best way to get colour into your home without overdoing it is to look into accent walls or even colour blocking. We’re past the days of papering an entire room with patterns, thank goodness. That can be enough to cause a headache, but the middle ground we’ve found to still do something bold is to wallpaper one wall or simply paint it.

You don’t even have to paint an entire wall. If you have a nook, a set of shelves, or a cupboard that could do with a pop of colour, you can paint or wallpaper behind it and make it stand out.

If no wall immediately stands out to you, you can consider colour blocking. Paint an arch over your chair, a circle around the TV or the piece of art you love, or even just give your wall a squiggle. There are lots of ideas that allow you to add colour and get creative.

Rugs and curtains

But if you are in a rented property, you’re going to want to do anything to avoid painting. Unless you’re lucky enough to be on friendly terms with a landlord that hasn’t had a bad experience that they are taking out on you, you won’t want to do anything as permanent as painting the walls.

But don’t worry. There are options. You can add pops of colour to your soft furnishings, like laying down a rug or getting some vibrant curtains. If you don’t want to go too heavy with it, you can add some light mesh curtains to let the light in and then some heavier curtains that you won’t close in a brighter colour.

A statement rug on your beautiful oak laminate flooring will really draw the eye to your floor and the centre of the room, where you can build the rest of your furniture around.

Vinyl flooring

However, if you really want to bring some colour to your floor, you should look into luxury vinyl flooring. LVT flooring comes with lots of benefits, but the main one is that you can put down just about any design you want. You can have them replicate colourful tiles, deep mahogany wood, or even more fun colours for a floor that brings the colour from the ground up.

On top of that, luxury vinyl flooring is very affordable, easy enough to put down that you can do it yourself, and even waterproof, so you won’t have to be so careful the way you would with laminate and solid wood flooring.

Statement pieces

And then there are the things your landlord – unless you live in a furnished flat – has no say in your furniture. A statement furniture piece is a great way to bring in colour, and it has a whole host of added benefits. For one thing, you only need one piece. Too much would overpower the room, so if you invest in a statement sofa, you don’t need to buy anything else to match, saving you money and stress.

Paint your furniture

But your statement piece doesn’t have to be your sofa and can be even more affordable. All you need is a tin of paint.

Upcycling furniture has gotten very trendy lately, and it’s a great way to revamp the same Ikea Billy bookcase you’ve seen at countless friends’ houses. With a lick of paint and some tasteful décor and you’ll have a piece of furniture that stands out from the rest.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a statement piece, either. Maybe you don’t need to paint it a whacky colour, maybe you like high contrast and want to paint it black, or portions of it a bold colour. You can replace handles, add moulding, repair scratches, or even swap the paint for a varnish for a new look to your old furniture.

Add art

The most affordable, easiest, and most impactful way of adding colour to your home is to hang some artwork. And the best part about art is that it is so subjective. It’s so subjective that you, someone who may never have picked up a paintbrush in their life, can put together something simple and abstract that will look stunning and add colour to your home.