How Can I Sell My House Fast in Weybridge?

How Can I Sell My House Fast in Weybridge?

We’ve not had much time in 2020 to get things done – lockdowns playing a major role in the disruption for UK property sellers. Property buying company House Buy Fast have complied a handy guide of 57 tips to sell your house fast! 

If you’re struggling to sell your home these tips could ensure you the house sale you’re looking for.

How Can House Presentation Help You Sell Fast?
Should be obvious but a commonly overlooked tactic when marketing your property. Surprisingly easy and can be pretty low-cost.

Garden and Outside the Property
If you have a garden then making this look presentable is key as it’s the one of the first things potential buyers can see.

  • Trim the lawn, make sure it looks tidy and neat as unkempt grass can be unsightly.
  • Put your bins somewhere hidden away. Despite looking unsightly, wheelie bins can also let off very disgusting smells.
  • If you can, try and make the garden little more private. An overlooked garden can put people a little on edge!
  • This should be a given but clean your windows if they’re covered in dirt it can and will make your property look run down. Not only will it make the house appear cleaner outside, it’ll also give you a clearer picture looking outside from within.
  • Leave the light outside turned on as this’ll make the property more inviting in the dark winter months.
  • Trim the hedges as they can block out natural light making the property feel dingy.

Appearance of Property
Appearance of the property is probably the key factor in selling your house quickly and a sure fire way to get someone to fall in love with the home.

  • Make sure you do the daily chores, such as tidying up, lay the table for dinner (lets potential buyers visualise family meal time) make the beds, clean towels in the bathroom.
  • Make the property smell nice. If you’re a smoker, this will probably be key as the odour is incredibly off-putting to non-smokers. Try some scented candles or even brew some coffee!
  • Ensure the property is warm and not cold. Nobody likes a cold home.
  • Flowers will add some colour to the property and de-cluttering will make the rooms in a property feel much bigger.
  • Move any post/letters that are laying by the front door.

Decor of Interior
The décor of a property can either cause potential buyers to love or hate the home instantly. A first impression that you DO NOT want to give off.

  • If you have an ugly painted wall, think about giving it a lighter coat of paint or simply if it needs touching up, give it a quick once over! If you want to add more colour to a room, think about adding some flowers.
  • Dry and cure any mould/damp spots that are located in any rooms for obvious health related reasons.

With these quick house sale tips you might be able to achieve a property sale in just weeks and you may even make more money!