How Can Businesses in Weybridge Learn from the Online World and Boost Their Marketing Efforts?

The internet is now ubiquitous across the UK, and businesses up and down the country can’t afford to ignore its power. Brick-and-mortar stores and companies in Weybridge need to leverage the online world wherever possible, and this includes learning from what works well for internet-based businesses.

Along with finding inspiration for promotions, the Internet can also offer unique sales and marketing opportunities. For example, there are companies like Holt Digital and Finsbury Media that specialise in helping businesses in Surrey boost their online presence.

Get Promotion Ideas from the Online Casino Industry

The booming online world has turned promotions into the norm, thanks to fiercely competitive industries. The online casino sector is a prime example of this and one of the best places to find innovative promotions. For instance, players are encouraged to return to sites with daily free spins on Wonder Wheel. This gives them a chance to win a range of prizes from free spins on slots to cash to use on games.

Businesses in Weybridge need to provide reward schemes to get people to return, and this can often come in the form of loyalty cards. However, this type of promotion has become common, and customers may be in search of something more unique. Shops could introduce the lucky wheel concept, perhaps, and give customers the chance to win free drinks or discounts when they come back regularly.

Offer Online and In-Store Synergy

According to recent research, around 78 per cent of businesses in the UK now have a website.

Businesses in Weybridge that don’t have an online presence yet need to address this issue. Having reach on the internet can bring about many advantages, with online and in-store synergy being one of the main ones. For example, retailers can run click-and-collect options where customers can search for products on the website and then come into the store to pick them up.

There’s also the option to provide in-store benefits to customers who shop online first. This can encourage people who usually prefer to shop from home to come and visit the physical shop. Some beauty companies like Sephora offer things like free makeovers or bonus loyalty card points for people who come in to pick up their goods. By getting people into the physical location, there’s a better opportunity to form a connection with them and also encourage them to try some other products.

Embrace Social Media Marketing

The days of handing out flyers or posting leaflets through people’s doors at random are over, and businesses in Weybridge need to embrace social media marketing to move with the times. Ad spending in the industry topped $24.35 billion in 2022 and is continuing to balloon. This form of marketing allows businesses to target their ideal demographic more easily, meaning that they can get in touch with customers who are most likely to make a purchase.

With the internet’s influence growing every year, businesses in Weybridge can’t ignore its power. It’s important to embrace some of the great sales and marketing techniques that the online world has brought about, as these can benefit brick-and-mortar businesses as well.