A Beginner’s Guide To Decorating Your Home With Indoor Plants

Decorating your home with houseplants

Beautiful houseplants can elevate any apartment. It is no wonder that so many people decorate their homes with these green marvels. They relieve stress, improve the psychological situation in the house, as well as enrich our homes with fresh oxygen, which is especially important for people who live in large bustling cities. To achieve the best results when decorating your home with houseplants, you need to understand its future place first, and also find out whether you can take care of it properly.

If you often forget to water the houseplants when watching TV series or reading online casino reviews that are verified by the author, choose unpretentious and drought-resistant houseplants for example, cacti. In spacious rooms, you can arrange entire green zones that can create the atmosphere of a real winter garden. Do not forget that many plants need light so you need to place them closer to the window or to equip special places with backlighting based on daylight lamps. Niches in the wall with built-in lighting and plants also may look very interesting.

Perfect Houseplants For Kitchen

How to arrange flowers here? Here they are rare, the whole problem is the lack of space, but it can easily be solved with the help of a wide windowsill or cachepots. Aloe, ficus, ivy, chlorophytum, and others will feel good in the kitchen. The size of green representatives directly depends on the size of the kitchen area. By the way, a good idea would be to make a small “vegetable garden”, there you can grow green onions, dill and parsley, decorative peppers and even lemons. For these purposes, you can use both ordinary trays, and the original replacement in the form of old mugs, kettles, and other kitchen utensils.

Perfect Houseplants For Living Room

The most common and most “hospitable” room of the house is, of course, the living room, the design of which many families have worked for many years. It is this room that wants to make the most cozy and harmonious, and indoor plants are great helpers in this case! Often it has a large size, and therefore it is here that large floor and broad-leaved plants are installed, it can be palms, ferns, and other trees – tea, coffee, oranges, or lemons.
If there is not much space, it is better not to weigh down the interior with large tubs, and give preference to hanging baskets with curly plants. For those who want to keep a “soft” interior, designers advise choosing glass vases or transparent flasks instead of pots.

Perfect Houseplants For Bedroom

A bedroom is a special place in any house, the realm of sleep, rest, and complete relaxation, here it is customary to use light and soft colors, as well as dim light and furniture of rounded shapes. For your bedroom choose the plants without bright odors. Perfect houseplants for the bedroom are ficus, dracaena, or monstera.
A flower composition of violets, gloxinias, or cyclamen can be a great decorative element.

Perfect Houseplants For Hallway

So, the first room that your guests and everyone who gets into the house will see is, of course, the corridor. This is a fairly dark place, where there are no windows, and, therefore, here it is reasonable to place shade-loving plants such as dracaena or sansevieria. If the corridor is small, then along the walls on small shelves you can arrange small pots with flowers, which will add to the corridor of home coziness.