Cooking At Home Brings Only Benefits

You don’t need to have the skills of an advanced cook to cook at home. These technologies can make the taste of your favorite dishes even better. For example, ordinary cheesecakes, which often cause a lot of questions from housewives, can be cooked not in a pan with a lot of oil, but in the oven. You do not have to worry that they will burn or not turn out at all, ruddy and airy cheesecakes from the oven are a lot of good and zero disappointment. After great work, the best part is to rest. Try and check out the online casino anywhere and anytime you want.

Cooking At Home Brings Only Benefits

Bake What You Are Used To Fry

Fried foods are higher in fat and calories than baked foods. And you can bake even those products that you don’t even think about! The most obvious example is onions. It can be cut, put in a baking dish, be sure to salt a little, sprinkle with oil, mix and put in the upper third of an oven preheated to 200 ° C preferably with convection, blowing for 15 minutes. The result is excellent, especially if you mix the onion a couple of times during baking. In the same way, they “fry” any vegetables for soups and other dishes. It is required by technology to fry carrots, sweet peppers, and celery. The main contender for baking instead of frying among other vegetables is eggplant. When using a pan, it will absorb up to six times more oil than when baked. As a result, the oven gives an even better taste. Before baking, sliced eggplant slices only need to be sprinkled with oil and salt. The baking temperature is the same at 200 ° C. The time takes 15 to 30 minutes. Another product is mushrooms, specially cultivated such as champignons, oyster mushrooms, and shiitake. You can bake them exactly the same way as with eggplant.

Steam Cooking

Steaming preserves the juiciness and flavor of foods without destroying many vitamins and minerals. For steaming, an ordinary metal or silicone colander and a pan which it fits comfortably so that it can be closed with a lid are quite enough. Pour water into the pan, filling it about a third, so that the water does not touch the bottom of the colander. Water should not boil violently. The medium heat with a tightly closed lid is enough to create the right amount of steam even for a large piece of meat. It makes sense to grease the colander with vegetable oil so that the products do not stick to it. If you are steaming pastry, it is best to place them on lettuce leaves or parchment often pierced with a skewer. Cooking time roughly corresponds to the time it takes to cook in water. If it is more than half an hour, you need to add water to the pan from time to time and turn the product itself over.
You can even steam pies and buns according to the usual recipes – it turns out very tasty, tender, and unusual.

More Vitamins

The low temperature, together with an increase in cooking time, allows us to achieve softness not only from pieces of meat or poultry. Chefs show us in restaurants using the sous vide technique, vacuum cooking. It also saves vitamins from vegetables and at the same time preserves the maximum number of nutrients. The easiest way to cook at a low temperature is to use a slow cooker that can hold the set temperature for a long time. To preserve as many vitamins in vegetables as possible, but still make them soft enough for comfortable digestion, it makes sense to cook at 85 ° C. Fold the vegetables prepared according to the recipe into a ziplock bag with a zipper. Then remove as much air as possible. Close the bag and immerse it in water heated in a multicooker.