To support this appeal raising funds for toys for St.Peters Hospital, visit the website: Cody’s Christmas Challenge 

Hi, my name is Cody and I am 8 years old and live in Surrey and have Autism.

On Friday 2nd of December I spent the day in St Peters hospital on the children’s ward as I had to have an operation to have 9 extra teeth out. I spent most of the time before my surgery in the children’s ward play room and it really helped to take my mind off my surgery to be able to paint and play in there.

As mum and I explored the playroom it became clear that it could really use some new toys, games and fun things to do for the children who stay on the ward just like me but especially those who are in hospital for a long time or who are in hospital over Christmas.

My mum noticed a poster on the wall that they had an Amazon wish list and the plan was we would buy some things from the list when I was better but mum and I got talking about how amazing it would be to try and tick off all the things on the list and mum said we could ask our family and friends to donate and if we worked hard maybe we could get lots of new toys delivered before Christmas, I thought this was an amazing idea!!

It is now the 5th of December and my challenge is to raise £200 or more by the 20th December so that one by one we can tick off the much needed items on the playroom Christmas list. If we manage to raise more then it will mean we can add other toys and equipment and make the playroom even better for the children who stay there over Christmas and beyond!

If you would prefer to donate direct through Amazon then simply search for St Peter’s Playroom wish list.

Any donation however small will make a difference, just £1 will help us buy some much needed pencils for the drawing table. We understand that it is always harder to fundraise at this time of year but if you cannot donate then please share this on your social media #CodysXmasChallenge to spread the word!

Thankyou for taking the time to read my story
Merry Christmas!


To support this appeal raising funds for toys for St.Peters Hospital, visit the website: Cody’s Christmas Challenge 

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