How Ballet And Dance Can Boost Your Kid’s Self-Esteem

Ballet and dance is so much more than popping them in a tutu or tights and letting them run around a room until they drop. As much fun as ballet and dance for kids is, there are plenty of real benefits to consider for your child’s physical, mental and social development. Let’s take a closer look:

1. Great Exercise And Body Awareness

Ballet and dance is easily one of the best ways to get your kids to exercise. It is a fun and enjoyable way to extra exercise into their daily lives while allowing them to have some fun and express themselves creatively. There are around 600 muscles in the human body and dancing gets most of these moving in unique ways.

Dancing also gifts children with body awareness by allowing their bodies to move and observe the various movements their bodies can make. They start to learn what each muscle and limb can do and this gives them a deeper understanding into their own physical and spacial awareness. In turn, children start to gain the confidence to experiment with movement and push their bodies to see what else they can do. Dance is also one of the best ways for children to grasp the concept of coordination which will assist them in many other sports and daily activities.

Social Skills And Teamwork

Kids ballet and dance is a wonderful way to introduce the concept of teamwork. Learning how to work in a group environment is important for children and one of the ways they can learn how to do this is by getting involved in activities that promote teamwork. Teamwork activities teach children valuable social skills such as patience, social inclusion and listening. Learning teamwork lessons through dance or ballet brings a sense of community to the children and assists in teaching them the value of sharing experiences with others.

Learning Cooperation, Patience And Respect

Learning social skills like how to cooperate, patience and respect for others is one of the most important concepts for children’s cognitive development. It will serve them well for years, and even benefit them when they’re old enough to enjoy casino pokies online.
Ballet and dance is a great way for them to learn these skills. Dance class encourages them to express emotions in front of others, mental maturity and to face some of their greatest fears in a safe and supported space. Best of all, being part of a supportive environment will help kids to learn how to build trust and form relationships with their peers and teachers.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

Dance classes are one of the best ways to assist kids in safely building their confidence, learning to express themselves in a healthy way, and delving deeper into their self-esteem. Dance and ballet requires consistency, repetition of movement and deep concentration. When they complete a sequence successfully or master a new move it is a huge confidence boost for them and encourages them to keep going. This process also helps to teach them motivation and that if they keep trying their best, they will be able to do anything they set their minds to.

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