People looking to buy a new build property in Surrey are looking at prices that are over £150,000 more expensive than if they were to buy new builds in neighbouring counties.

Surrey property is the UK’s most expensive outside of London. In recent years the prices of new builds in areas of Surrey such as Guildford have skyrocketed.

Good schools, easy access to London and huge expansive spaces make Surrey an extremely exciting prospect for new buyers who do not want to live in the capital.

However, elsewhere in the south east, next door to Surrey you will not be paying as much and could be buying a new property for as much as 25% less than in Surrey.

New statistics have shown that buying a new build in Surrey is not that much cheaper than the capital city and you might be better off looking at areas such as East Hampshire where new builds have recently come onto the market.

25% Cheaper Elsewhere

The Government’s UK House Price Index Data shows that an average new build property in Surrey will set the buyer back £567,839.

However, in Hampshire for the same thing, the average price decreases to £423,591. An incredible 25% decrease.

The price in Surrey is also much higher than the regional average, with the average price for a new build in the south east costing £440,152.

Surrey vs Hampshire

The most expensive area in Surrey is Guildford, where a new build property will cost on average £634,391; 11% more than the overall Surrey average.

The closer you get to the Hampshire border, the cheaper the prices seem to get with Waverley over £100,000 less than Guildford. Moreover, as you go into East Hampshire there is an instant 8% drop in prices.

The most affordable area of East Hampshire is in areas such as Whitehill and Bordon.

In that area, a number of new build properties have recently come onto the market as the area undergoes its town regeneration plans led by the Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration Company.

James Child, project lead at the Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration Company, said: “House prices across the country are hitting unbelievable highs. Demand is as strong as it’s ever been while supply remains stagnant. This is probably more true for the South East than most other regions.

“The new homes we are building in Prince Philip Park will go a long way to satisfying local demand and, we hope, attract more buyers from further afield, not least those looking to escape London and build a life in this commutable and beautiful part of Hampshire.

“As this project progresses over the coming years, we expect the population of Whitehill & Bordon to increase significantly. This increasing interest in the town will help cultivate the local economy, so while it remains one of the region’s most affordable buyer hotspots today, rest assured this won’t last long.”