6 Activities That UK People Love to Do

In the UK, there are certain activities and hobbies that people simply love to do. Some of them you’ve probably heard of, but others might surprise you a little. This guide covers them all in detail. Ready to learn? Grab a notepad and read on ahead.

1. Gamble

Gambling has been a huge part of UK culture for decades now. It became particularly popular during the 60s and 70s and has never slowed down since. Plus, with the introduction of technology, gambling has evolved to become more modern and exciting than it was before.
For example, you’ll now find that millions of people in the UK (and abroad) enjoy gambling online using Australian casino and sportsbooks. They will do this during holidays, weekends, and other special events. It’s part of the culture, and this is likely never going to change!

2. Pub Tours

During weekends, it’s very popular for people in the UK to go on pub tours (or ‘pub crawls’). During this time, the aim is to visit as many pubs as possible during the afternoon and evening before concluding the day’s events.
Pub tours are particularly popular in cities such as London and Manchester. London is an excellent example, as it offers a wide range of iconic pubs that even tourists love to visit. For anyone who ever visits London, it’s highly recommended that you go on a pub tour with your friends – it’s something you definitely won’t regret.

3. Karaoke

Speaking of pubs, karaoke is a very popular social activity that you see in both UK pubs and bars. Whenever it’s someone’s birthday (or another type of special occasion), they’ll usually be some form of karaoke during the night, with plenty of off-key singing along the way!

4. Hiking

Hiking is super popular in the UK and has been for hundreds of years. This is because the UK is home to some of the world’s most beautiful hiking spots like the Peak District. In addition to this, there are also thousands of nice villages spread throughout the UK that have their own unique hiking spots to offer for any visitors who come by.

5. High Street Shopping

If you go to any big city in the UK, you’ll find thousands of people shopping on the high streets. Whether it’s for new clothes or household accessories, people love to shop in the UK – it’s part of the culture! Even with the rise of online shopping, the UK high streets show no sign of slowing down, which is a beautiful thing to see. Hopefully, even when another decade passes by, most UK high streets will still be thriving. Otherwise, it’ll be the end of a popular UK hobby!

6. Café Visits

Lastly, UK people enjoy visiting local cafes for a chat and relaxation. People do this all the time, such as when they’re on a lunch break at work or browsing town during the weekends. Local cafes are particularly popular in the UK due to the culture of supporting local businesses.