5 Tips for a Successful Garage Conversion

Is your house feeling just that little bit stretched for space? Do you keep having to put people up on the sofa because you don’t have a spare bedroom? Maybe lockdown has made you realise how convenient it would be to have a home gym or a space where the kids can hang out and entertain themselves for a little while. Whether you have a specific function in mind or not, converting your garage can significantly increase the value of your home, if done right. Here are five things to think about before making the commitment to transform your garage.

1. Consider Necessity

Garages are considered to be a very valuable asset to a house, but this depends on the situation of the people living there and the access to other spaces to park. For a family with two cars and no parking space on the road, getting rid of the garage may not be the best move. But if you have adequate parking space elsewhere, or only convert a party of the garage, a conversion wouldn’t devalue your property, but actually increase it.

2. Meet Building Requirements

Before you begin transforming your garage, make sure it meets all the building requirements to avoid running into complications further down the line. This isn’t only to conform with any government requirements, but you want your new space to be safe to use with no upkeep costs creeping in later on. Make sure your garage is structurally sound, has no damp, is properly insulated so it is energy efficient, the electrics are safe, it has ventilation, and there are some fire precautions in place.

3. Effective Use of Space

Whatever the function of your garage conversion, you want to be making the most out of the space you have. If it’s a single garage, you’re most likely to be using the whole space, and you will need to plan effectively to use the full potential of the space. If it’s a double garage, you could consider doing a part conversion so you can still park your car in there.

4. Function

The most important aspect to have set in stone before you start knocking things down and tearing things up, you need to be sure of what you are converting your garage into. Is it the perfect space for that home gym you’ve always dreamed about, or is it going to be the entertainment hub of the house where you can kick back with a film in the background while you play on slot machines? Whatever you have decided on, make sure you have a clear (and agreed) idea on how you are going to transform your garage.

5. Funds

Converting the garage is a big job, and depending on what you are doing, it could end up costing you a fair whack of money. Before you begin, make sure you definitely have enough money to finish the job. If it ends up looking half-hearted or unfinished, it could result in the value of your property actually going down, and you won’t be able to enjoy it.

A garage conversion can be hard work and takes some planning, but if you pull it off, it is totally worth it.