4 Reasons to Convert a Basement into an Entertainment Space

Most people view their basement as a dark and dreary place where they store things that they don’t immediately need along with old tools, appliances, and boxes of old clothes and nostalgic items. A conventional basement is anything but entertaining, but with all that extra space below your home, why not make the most of it? Converting your basement to an entertainment space is one of the best ways to add usable square footage to your home. Maybe you’re entertaining the idea but aren’t sure what exactly you could do with the newly renovated space? If you’re interested in getting some enjoyable use out of your basement, consider these four reasons to convert it into an entertainment space:

1. Making it a Game Room

There’s nothing like inviting your friends over and playing a game of real money pokies. Setting up a poker table, pool table, dart set, video game system, and board game area will instantly turn your basement into a place where people can get together and have loads of fun. Plus, you won’t be bothering your significant other or the rest of the family with the casino and gaming sounds coming from your computer or television. Converting your basement to a game room might seem like a hassle but all it would take to get started is a thorough cleaning, a TV or monitor, TV stand, video game system and a couch or set of gaming chairs.

2. Decluttering the Other Living Areas of the Home

Making your basement an entertaining place to be will also give you extra space to put furniture, thereby clearing out some of the clutter from your living room and other areas of the home. As a result, you’ll not only be gaining entertainment value, you’ll also be making the rest of your home seem more spacious.

3. Building a Home Gym

Putting your weights to the side in your bedroom or in the garage might be a common approach for many home exercise enthusiasts but nothing beats a designated home gym. Most basements are big enough for you to put together a large exercise machine, weight bench, some floor mats, and a rack to hold your free dumbbells.

4. Starting an Indoor Garden

Another way you can gain some entertainment and potential health benefits from your basement is by growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs in an indoor garden. Gardening might not seem very entertaining at first but once it becomes a hobby, you’ll find that it is an interesting and edifying pastime. Plus, it provides a way for you to meet new friends by interacting with other gardeners in your area.

Many Homes Don’t Have a Basement, So Why Not Make Use of Yours?

If you rent or own a home with a basement, it’s important to remember that you’re fortunate to have an easy way to expand the usable square footage of your home. Other people would have to build an extra room or patio to gain additional living space, whereas you can simply do some cleaning and move a few pieces of furniture down to your basement and you’ll have a whole new area of the home to enjoy.