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Life Coaching Weybridge & Surrey - The Real Way with Lucy Windsor (Member Association for Coaching)  Health, Familes, Business, Help with Divorce & Stress
Helping with stress and family issues, so you can create an enjoyable today and a desirable tomorrow
Coaching for businesses to create great, high performing working relationships


Life Coaching - The Real Way

With Lucy Windsor (Dip. LC; Dip. BPC; Member Association for Coaching)
Life Coac Lucy Windsor, practice in Weybridge Surrey
Lucy works with families who are going through changes in life stages.
Parents considering divorce and wanting to work things through, or children who are in a particularly challenging phase and their parents are all out of resources.
Or, it might be simply that as a family, you would like to focus on establishing and meeting some specific goals.
Lucy has been happily married for 18 years, has two children and is passionate about not just settling for a compromise, but transcending that to create the ultimate relationship.
“Lucy has changed my life!”
Life coaching for family issues & relationships including divorce
"I met with Lucy for some Life Coaching as I felt my life was standing still and I was missing something. From working with Lucy I recognised where I wanted to go and what I wanted to achieve. She helped me plan what I needed to accomplish and how I was going to achieve this.
Now four years on and I have completed my degree and gained my teaching qualification which was more than my initial goal. Without Lucy being my life coach I would not have had the confidence or self belief that she has given me."
“I left the house on my own for the first time in 4 months. Thank you!
 Alex, OCD Sufferer
Life Coaching, The Real Way - Weybridge & Elmbridge Surrey -  Practical and Therapeutic Coaching
Practical and Therapeutic Coaching
Life Coaching allows the opportunity to take stock and make key decisions in order to live with purpose, passion and energy. It is forward thinking, practical and therapeutic - like a big cuddle!
Focussed solely on your needs and aimed at creating for you an enjoyable today and a desirable tomorrow.
Lucy successfully coaches individuals through particularly difficult times of stress
Lucy successfully coaches individuals through particularly difficult times of stress.
Stress can be sudden, caused by a single traumatic event, or can build and build over time, until it reaches a point where it becomes unmanageable.
Before heading off to the Doctor and joining the multitudes taking prescription drugs to see them through, or hitting the bottle at the end of the day, it is well worth choosing Life Coaching instead as a medication free way to really assess and realign with what matters in your life.
You can clear the clutter from your head that keeps you awake at night and muddles your thinking, bringing clarity of purpose.
It’s a bit like spring cleaning the house, emptying all the cupboards and clearing out all the unnecessary baggage that has accumulated.
"Lucy's superlative life-coaching skills have enabled me to finally make my way out of a dark valley… and into a better place -- one where I am back in control of my life.
The empowerment, wisdom, and confidence that Lucy has bestowed on me, through a number of highly productive sessions, has transformed my life."
"Life coaching sessions with Lucy certainly have had a very positive impact on me. After the first session, I signed up for a 60km charity walk.
The session was certainly the impetus in setting this important goal for myself.
I have also made a number of other changes in my life as a result of this in-depth reflection"
Lucy works with businesses and people at all levels of work to help them to create great, high performing working relationships.
With a background in Sales and Commercial Management in IT, she now successfully runs 2 businesses with her husband Mike.
Lucy has worked with thousands of individuals over the period of over the past 10 years, assessing and helping them to develop their communication skills.
She has seen that most work issues are caused primarily by miscommunication and the personal and organisational impact can be huge and cause unnecessary stress and pain.
Lucy helps you to gain clarity and make decisions about your work, whatever level you are at. She will help you to get aligned with the vision, set plans and objectives, and enhance your skills in order to improve both your efficiency and enjoyment in the workplace.
Life Coaching For Businesses - Creating Great Relationships
"Your support has been an enormous help ... there is still so much more to do and your help is invaluable".
"I found working with Lucy an empowering and uplifting experience. Her insightful advice and understanding guided me through a challenging situation at work, helping me to achieve the clarity and confidence I needed to move forwards.
Our sessions always dealt directly with the issues in hand and with her enthusiastic guidance allowed me to make the most of the opportunity I had been given. She is a warm, genuine and positive person. I would strongly recommend her to anyone as a life coach."
"Lucy is creative, whilst being a highly skilled great coach and has often helped me in a time of need. Lucy is a person you can trust, who has real values and is a great family person that makes her very special in every way."
Life Change - Individual Life Coaching & Business Coaching in Weybridge Surrey

Terms of Engagement – What to expect
If you’re done with struggling, sleepless nights, feeling stressed, anxious and unappreciated.
If you’re done with feeling worried about another person in your life yet unable to help them.
If you’re done with feeling that you are no longer calling the shots.
If you’re done with feeling you’re worthy of so much more.
If you want to live a wonderful life starting now, call to book a free of charge, no obligation introductory meeting with Lucy.
Lucy will make sure you are comfortable with the chemistry between you before asking you to share your challenge and will outline for you what to expect and how you will work together.
Once you have both accepted the arrangement, you will be sent a document for your signature and payment.
All that done and you’re ready to start!
Coaching packages are payable in full in advance, however a no quibble money back guarantee is your peace of mind if you are not absolutely delighted with your progress so you really do have nothing at all to lose and everything to gain!
Packages are available for:
  Individual Coaching
  Couple Coaching
  Functional Families
Business Coaching
Taking it to the next level
Group Coaching
Support between sessions is available at no extra cost via email between the hours of 9:00 to 17:00 Monday to Saturday.
For more information and to book an introductory meeting, please call Lucy on the number below.


Contact The Real Way Life Coaching

Association for coaching member - certified, experienced Life Coach and Strategic Interventionist 
Life Coach Lucy Windsor
(Dip. LC; Dip. BPC;
Member Association for Coaching)
The Real Way is a division of
The Performance Business.
Lucy can be contacted at:
The Performance Business
78 Oatlands Drive
Surrey KT13 9HT
Tel: 01932 888 885
please mention all about Weybridge website  
Email: lucy@theperformance.biz
Website: www.therealway.co.uk   
Lucy Windsor, Life Coach, Weybridge Surrey


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