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Winners Announced For 2020 Children’s (under 10’s) Sunflower Competition

The Children’s Sunflower competition was arranged by Weybridge in Bloom in partnership with Churchfields allotments to involve Weybridge junior gardeners in Weybridge in Bloom.

We had an outstanding response this year and we are really pleased to announce the winner of this year’s Tallest Sunflower Competition.

Cedar (5) and  Acer (8) who go to school at Oatlands and Cleves respectively. They are very proud of it and we have measured it at 3.7m.

Award Presentation
Cedar is pictured below at Weybridge Allotments for the Award Presentation, with Charu Sood (Weybridge In Bloom) and Lesley Tilling (Weybridge Allotment Holders’ and Gardeners’ Association). Below is also a photo of Cedar and Acer with their Certificate, in front of the winning tallest sunflower

Weybridge Allotments - Sunflower Growing Competition
Weybridge Allotments - Sunflower Growing Competition
Weybridge Allotments - Sunflower Growing Competition

Rules For Sunflower Competition


Entrants aged 10 and under, who live in Weybridge, should take a picture of their sunflower and measure it with a metric measure.

  • The sunflower must be standing up when it is measured.
  • Sunflowers that have fallen down do not count.
  • You can support your sunflower in any way you like.
  • Sunflowers that have had their head bitten off by squirrels don’t count either!

Please attach the photo and send us an email to, telling us the measurement in metres and centimetres, with your name and address, age and school.

You will need your parent’s or guardian’s permission to enter.

Closing date for entries is 5th September 2020.

Results will be declared on 15th September 2020 on our website.

Weybridge Allotments - Sunflower Growing Competition
Weybridge Allotments - Sunflower Growing Competition

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds were given out for Free by Weybridge In Bloom during the Wild Flower Bed (Meadow Planting) Event on 14th March.

We had arranged for them to also be collected from Churchfield Allotments Shop.

Due Covid-19, the Allotment Shop may be closed when you read this.

If it is not closed, the normal opening hours are 10am-12pm every weekend.

Allotments address: Curzon Road, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 8UW.

Please comply with Covid-19 restrictions, but if you are able to safely buy sunflower seeds elsewhere, this would be a lovely fun distraction for the whole family to enjoy the children growing the sunflowers.
Maybe you could buy / give some seeds to other families to participate, but again only if safe to do so.

Here are some online opportunities to buy Sunflower Seeds:
Suttons – Giant Grower Sunflower Seeds
Marshalls Giant Sunflower Seeds


How To Plant Your Sunflower Seed

  • You will need a yoghurt pot with holes, or a small plant pot filled with compost or soil and a sunny windowsill
  • First fill your pot with compost and pack it down firmly to within 1cm of the rim.
  • Using your finger poke a hole in the compost up to your knuckle.
  • Place a seed in the hole and cover it with compost.
  • Water your plant pot and leave it to drain before placing it on the windowsill.
  • Water it every couple of days to keep it damp but not soggy.
  • Your seedling can be planted outdoors once all risk of frost has passed.


Fun Every Week

We are asking for the final photo of the sunflower at it’s tallest to be sent in as a competition entry.

But here’s an idea for fun as it is growing.

How about taking a photo of the sunflower on the same day of the week and measuring it?

You can then keep a ‘Watching It Grow’ set of photos and measurements.

For example:
Sunday 14th June – Height 68cm – Growth this week 6cm
Sunday 21st June – Height 76cm – Growth this week 8cm

Last Year’s Winners

The first competition to grow the tallest sunflower in Weybridge was won by 2 children, Alice O’Neill and Emily Oreto, who are friends at St James’ school.

The height of their giant sunflowers were too close to separate, so they were declared joint winners!

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, many local events and activities are suspended or cancelled. Since this can change on a daily basis, please check with the organisers for the current status.

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