Children’s Sunflower Competition – Weybridge In Bloom & Churchfields Allotments

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Weybridge Allotments - Sunflower Growing Competition

How To Enter The Weybridge Sunflower Competition

The Children’s Sunflower competition has been arranged by Churchfields allotments to involve Weybridge junior gardeners in Weybridge in Bloom.

Entrants aged 10 and under, who live in Weybridge, should take a picture of their sunflower and measure it with a metric measure.

The sunflower must be standing up when it is measured.

Sunflowers that have fallen down do not count.

You can support your sunflower in any way you like.

Sunflowers that have had their head bitten off by squirrels don’t count either!

Attach the photo and send us an email to, telling us the measurement in metres and centimetres, with your name and address, age and school.

You will need your parent’s or guardian’s permission to enter.

Closing date for entries is 15th September 2019

Weybridge Allotments - Sunflower Growing Competition
Children receiving seeds for Sunflower Growing Competition run by Weybridge Allotments -
Sunflower Competition - Weybridge Allotments and Gardeners Association