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Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga Surrey – Yoga is very beneficial to pregnant women on many levels. The breathing, gentle exercise, soft sounds and guided visualisations soothe the entire system and help with the physical, mental and emotional demands of pregnancy.

The breathing techniques, movements and mental focus practiced through pregnancy yoga are undoubtedly the most useful tools a woman can use when giving birth.

Classes focus on helping women stay comfortable, strong and relaxed during their pregnancies, also teaching birthing movements and breathing to help you remain calm and energised through labour.

Pregnancy Yoga Weybridge Surrey
Posture work practised in classes helps to prepare the body for labour, and specific exercises to help the baby down through the pelvis are taught.
Yoga Flow Pregnancy Yoga Surrey

Improve posture

Strengthen the pelvic floor stabilizing the pelvis, promoting faster postnatal recovery and minimizing risk of incontinence

Relieve minor ailments (e.g. swollen joints, heartburn, constipation, backache)

Release overall tension

Build strength and stamina in preparation for childbirth

Boost energy levels

Promote relaxation and restful sleep

Develop confidence, peace of mind and a positive, flexible attitude to childbirth

Yoga can also alleviate Pelvic Girdle Pain or SPD. Much attention is given to strengthening the pelvic floor, giving optimal support through pregnancy and speeding recovery after the birth.

Equally importantly, pregnancy yoga classes offer some much needed time for yourself, to make space and time to adjust with ease during this life changing journey and enhance the connection between mother and baby, nurturing both.

Women are offered continuity of care through pregnancy classes, post natal classes and many continue onto general classes. It is always a joy to have women return with subsequent pregnancies.

Christina Jones - Yoga Instructor

Christina has been teaching yoga since 2006 and is a CNHC registered yoga therapist. She teaches people of all ages, whether one to one or in small groups.

She offers yoga in the community through pregnancy yoga, mother & baby yoga and yoga in the workplace, care homes and schools.

Pregnancy Yoga Class Information
Groups are small, ensuring plenty of individual attention, friendly, and are a great opportunity to meet other expectant mums.

Your first class is a taster session, thereafter the classes are booked and paid for in advance in blocks of 5.

You can join at anytime after your first scan and classes can be taken right up until 40+ weeks.

Classes take place at the Old School Room, next to St. Nicholas’ Church, Church Hill, Pyrford, GU22 8XH and are on Tuesday evenings from 6.20-7.30pm.

Class starts at 6.30pm, however the earlier arrival time allows Christina to speak briefly with each person beforehand.

Pregnancy is a time of constant change, therefore the weekly update is very useful for teacher and student.

Postnatal Yoga / Mother & Baby Yoga
The months after birth are an important time for your body. The immense changes undergone during pregnancy and labour take their toll on the muscles, joints and in particular, the pelvic floor.

Mother and baby classes are a wonderful opportunity to realign the spine, regain your strength and tone, internally as well as externally and take some much deserved time to restore energy levels and relax.

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