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Save Weybridge Hall - Residents Offer To Run The Hall But No Reply Received


If you think local community activities & facilities are important, please help now to Save Weybridge Hall


Since This Campaign Page was published, Weybridge Hall Has Been Given New Life

  Weybridge Hall Exterior
News: December 2011
We were pleased to strongly support the campaign to save Weybridge Hall, including prominent publicity on the allaboutWeybridge website, so we are delighted to announce that following a period of uncertainty about its future, Weybridge Hall has been given a fresh start.
For full details of this great news and to see how you can help secure the future permanently for this vital community facility, see separate page: Weybridge Hall News.
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Save Weybridge Hall - Main Page
Hall Usage Figures and Consultation Process Challenged By Friends Of Weybridge Hall

Local Residents Offer To Run Weybridge Hall

Save Weybridge Hall
A group of local residents has offered to run the threatened Weybridge Hall in order to avoid its closure.
Although Weybridge Hall is a vital community facility in the town centre, Elmbridge Borough Council has withdrawn funding for the Hall and is requiring all its users to move to alternative venues. Old folks’ groups, toddlers’ groups and community dance classes, amongst others, are struggling to find suitable alternatives.
Although the Council has said it will consult once the Hall is empty of users, local residents fear that the Hall is destined for closure.
Over 1,000 people have now signed a petition asking the Council to stop its plans until it has consulted with the local community and Max Clifford, the well-known PR consultant, has offered financial support for the Hall. Despite this, the Council has refused to delay its plans.
As each week passes, more users are unwillingly giving up their use of the Hall, worried that they will have nowhere else to go when the Council finally forces them out. A group of concerned residents has written to the Council to offer to run the Hall, fearing that the Hall has no future if the local community does not get involved.
Jennifer Doyle, chairwoman of Friends of Weybridge Hall, says, “We’ve written to the Council with a formal offer to run the Hall. We have asked the Council to let us know if they’ll discuss this offer with us by Thursday 24 March. Although we’ve heard nothing from them yet, we’re hopeful that the Council will welcome the offer.”
The local information website  has further information on the feared closure of the Hall and a link to a petition for local residents to express their concerns about the plans.
Further Information & Help - Contact Friends Of Weybridge Hall:
Please contact Jennifer Doyle on (0788) 054 2200 or
Main Page for Save Weybridge Hall: Save Weybridge hall Demonstration
For earlier press releases by Friends Of Weybridge Hall and former Mayor Graham Winton who runs Weybridge Old Folks Club use the folowing link: Save Weybridge Hall
Online Petition - Have Your Say
A petition for local residents to express their concerns about the plans is available at
Tell A Friend Or Local Organisation
There are many people who would support the campaign if they knew the details. Please send them an email now:  Click here - includes a link to campaign page

How To Help - Have Your Say

Friends of Weybridge Hall including former mayor Graham Winton suggest the following actions plus any otrher publicity you can help with;

Sign The Petition:
A petition for local residents to express their concerns about the plans is available online at

Write to Elmbridge Borough Council:
Leader: John O’Reilly
Cabinet Member for Finance: Roger Whittaker
Cabinet Member for Leisure etc : Jan Fuller
Head of Leisure: Ian Burrows
Strategic Director Services: David Wiltshire
Chief Executive: Rob Moran
Also let your local councillors know:
Cllr Miles Macleod (who voted against withdrawing funds)
Cllr Tim Crowther (who voted against withdrawing funds)
Cllr Simon Dodsworth (who voted for withdrawing funds)
Cllr Glen Dearlove (who voted for withdrawing funds)

Message from Former Mayor

Graham Winton, former Mayor of Elmbridge, who runs Weybridge Old Folks Club has been an active campaigner to save Weybridge Hall. Click here for his article

Friends Of Weybridge Hall Letter To Cllr Simon Dodsworth


Utilisation figures, viable alternatives & consultation process are questioned as
Friends Of Weybridge Hall ask for discussions about the future of the hall

"Local businesses and community groups have been ignored
throughout the Council's decision-making process"

This letter is in response to Cllr Simon Dodsworth's letter of 27 March (below)
28 March 2011
Dear Councillor Dodsworth
I refer to your piece in 'In Touch' regarding Weybridge Hall and your recent correspondence to local residents in connection with that article and the Hall itself. I wish to clarify a few points with you:
1. I note your acknowledgment that your reference in 'In Touch' to all events being easily accommodated in the Day Centre was an editorial error. However, your intended amendment is regrettably incorrect. Indeed, adult education classes have been forced to relocate to Whiteley Village and Addlestone next term due to unsuitable facilities/availability within Weybridge itself.
2. I am rather confused about your statement in 'In Touch' that the Hall is only at 20% capacity (or 25%, as you have stated in a direct email to a resident). 20% utilisation requires the Hall to be available for hire 28 hours a day, 365 days a year. Friends of Weybridge Hall calculate usage to be approximately 70%.
3. I was interested to learn that questionnaires were sent to all regular hirers of the Hall in February. However, having spoken with a number of hirers who use the Hall on a weekly basis, they have not received the questionnaires. Local businesses and community groups have been ignored throughout the Council's decision-making process.
The continuing uncertainty regarding the Hall's future serves no-one. I do hope the Council expedites its decision regarding the community's offer. I fail to see how 'in principle' discussions about this offer must be mutually exclusive to the selective consultation exercise currently taking place.
Yours sincerely
Jennifer Doyle
Chairwoman of Friends of Weybridge Hall

Cllr Simon Dodsworth Letter to M. McTague

This letter is in response to M McTague's letter of 21 March (below) and points raised in this are questioned by Friends Of Weybridge Hall in the letter by Jennifer Doyle (above)
27 March 2011
Dear Mrs McTague,
Thank you for your email.
Indeed you are correct, and I must apologise to you that the draft that went to print for the In Touch did not have my drafted correction that 'the events can be easily accommodated at the Day Centre or other community facilities close by'. There was a time pressure to meet certain rules and our usually robust editorial process did not pick up this important correction.
We have a number of facilities available, which are either run by Elmbridge / Surrey or by other community groups with five within 250 metres of WH. No notice has been given to any Hirers of the Weybridge Hall.
I am not sure how aware you are of all the discussions taking place between regular Hirers and council officers to accommodate the needs of each group. Of the 14 regular Hirers, 11 have responded positively to a questionnaire and subsequent dialogue. Our officers have also been undertaking detailed consultation with all Hirers as to the suitability of facilities nearby and understanding the requirements of the users. This includes the two groups that affect your family. Discussions have been very positive for the most part, with many Hirers now believing that the alternatives available are in fact superior to those being used at present, and with only 25% utilisation of the Weybridge Hall, we need to explore alternative arrangements for existing Hirers in order that the longer term opportunities for the Weybridge Hall can be discussed without unnecessary and extended uncertainty for some of the more vulnerable members of our society.
It has indeed been at the request of Cllr Dearlove and myself to officers, via the portfolio holders responsible for the Weybridge Hall, to ensure we are fully discussing the needs of the Hirers, and not taking steps without dialogue and agreement. As you would expect, a key component of this is the requirements for floor surface, access and compatability with either other facility users, or exclusive bookings as some Hirers are seeking.
I thank you for bringing your concerns to my attention; I can assure you we are looking to ensure the minimum of disruption takes place to Hirers and Weybridge Hall users. Equally, we are looking to ensure the facilities we have are being utilised to their maximum effect across the borough, and to ensure the council tax payers are obtaining the very best value from the council services.
Kind regards,
Cllr Simon Dodsworth
Weybridge South Ward &
Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Regulatory Affairs
Tel: 07904 392223

Letter From Weybridge Resident M. McTague To Cllr Simon Dodsworth (who voted for withdrawing funds)

21 March 2011
Dear Mr. Dodsworth
I am writing to correct you following the receipt of the ‘In Touch’ leaflet and your comments regarding Weybridge Hall.
On page 2 para. 4 col. 2 you are quoted as stating that ‘All the events can be easily be accommodated at the Day centre’ This is not correct, my son (2) attends Socatots and my daughter (4) Ballet both taking place weekly in the Hall during term time. Neither of which can possibly take place in the day centre with its a carpeted floor.
May I respectfully suggest that you visit the facilities and actually speak to those using them before making incorrect statements in defence of their closure.
The closure of the Weybridge Hall will leave our family no option but to travel by car to alternative venues contributing to congestion and the environmental concerns.
I trust in democracy and I am sure that the conservative party will either listen to the electorate before making decisions on our behalf, or be out of government at the next election.
Yours Sincerely
Maria McTague

More Comments From Some Of The Save Weybridge Hall Petitioners

"This is a well used, well appreciated facility which no caring council would take away from the local people. Born in Weybridge I have had cause to use the hall many, many times. If there is a justifiable reason for the councils action then the respect that people deserve demands that they be told what is intended for the hall. "
Dianne Grant on Mar 14, 2011
"This is a fabulous building that provides the facility for many local residents to get together for a number of activities. It is a valuable asset to the Elmbridge community that should be preserved and supported. "
Ann South on Mar 14, 2011
"Weybridge needs a hall, and with a little sensible thinking the existing hall could pay it's way!."
Gill Fellows on Mar 11, 2011
"This Hall is a fabulous asset for the community and should be retained for its use ."
Pauline Wood on Mar 11, 2011
"Here we go again - can afford £450,000 to enhance Walton High Street (will this bring shoppers into the High Street I doubt it) but getting rid of beautiful historic old buildings that are still regularly used, local libraries etc (unless volunteers step in!) is OK. I think this council have lost the plot..."
June Byrne on Mar 11, 2011
"The hall serves a vital role in the community! It is a large hall with good facilities and , unusually, is central to the town."
Debbie Groves on Mar 9, 2011
"I support this campaign to keep the very old and very useful Weybridge Hall. It should be kept for use by our Community for their very important activities for all ages, young and old, to enjoy. "
Mary Edward on Mar 9, 2011
There are lots more comments from concerned and angry residents - see the online petition

Have You Had Your Say Yet?

Save Weybridge Hall
Please take a few minutes to support the campaign
What can you do?
Email the powers that be at Elmbridge Council now (details at top right of this page).
Sign the petition at
Other pages: Latest News - Hope For Weybridge Hall - Click here to read
Save Weybridge Hall - Main Page
Hall Usage Figures and Consultation Process Challenged By Friends Of Weybridge Hall
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