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Yoga Course in Weybridge Surrey includes Hatha Yoga (theoretical practice & asanas)

Yoga Surrey Friends

International Yoga School - Saying YES to life!
Yoga course in Weybridge suitable for all, unique in its new and integral approach to the teachings of the traditional Yoga system.
About Yoga
These days, yoga is more famous than truly known or understood. Many believe yoga to be only about health, flexibility and relaxation, yet a main idea of yoga is the awakening of our inner potential.
Within each of us, there are vast possibilities and an immense inner power, which we can learn to harness through yoga.
Through the ancient science of Yoga we learn ways to expand and develop the consciousness unlocking all of our latent abilities and gifts to the greatest extent.
Through Yoga we gain complete awareness of who we truly are and through this awarness we can develop into everything we were born to be.
Tara Yoga Centre Course In Weybridge
Whether you are completely new to Yoga or an advanced practitioner, this yoga course is suitable for all, and is unique in its new and integral approach to the teachings of the traditional Yoga system.
The method we will teach in our class in Weybridge has been already applied with great results by tens of thousands of people all over the world - it can be practiced by everybody, irrespective of age, believes, religion, social status or physical health.
Being scientific and practical and also founded in the deepest spiritual tradition of our planet, this method leads to a profound spiritual transformation of the one who perseveres enough.
Throughout the course you will be taught extensively about:
Hatha Yoga
Tantra Yoga
Kundalini Yoga
Laya Yoga
Maha Vidya Yoga
Karma Yoga
Bhakti Yoga
Jnana Yoga
Natural healing and purification techniques through yoga and diet
With each class you will receive detailed printed material covering all the practical and theoretical elements of each class.
You will be supported at every level of your practice, and shown how to integrate what you have learned into your daily life, leading to improvements in every aspect, including;
your levels of happiness
love and relationships
better social and family interaction
professional achievements
physical health
emotional wellbeing
increased emotional and spiritual intelligence
– all of which ultimately can lead to a better, happier and more integral life.
“Tara yoga school has helped me to understand my mind, open my heart, experience true love and find my purpose: to follow a path of conscious evolution.
Concise, heartfelt and true. I've waited for a while to feel (not think) the words that reflect the 6 years of life changing and valuable lessons.”
“I signed up for the courses and I first found it frustrating that I can not study any faster and have to start in a first year, because I did this and that before, read a lot of books, did many things...
This attitude did not really help my evolution I rather created spiritual ego which was blocking me from fully absorbing all what was offered to me.
I read the courses superficially, relying on intellectual understanding and not bringing it into practise. Now in a fourth year I am re-reading the courses and practicing yoga daily and holding my head thinking what took me so long to do that? How much have I missed!
 Later on I discovered there is much more offered in the Tara Yoga centre than yoga and tantra courses and one can immerse its life fully into yoga and that we are the ones setting the speed of our spiritual transformation.”
About Your Yoga Teacher - Irina Childs
I have started practicing yoga some 23 years ago in Bucharest and since 1998 I continued my yoga studies and practice in UK.
I teach a form called Integral Yoga a yoga method comprising of Hatha Yoga, Laya Yoga, Pranayama, Tantra Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Maha Vidya Yoga and Bhakti Yoga, being also a practitioner of Yoga Therapy and a self transformation practitioner registered with ATMAN and Tara Yoga Centre.
I started teaching yoga in London 15 years ago and in 2008, following 2 years of further specialization I acquired the world renown Teacher diploma from the The International Federation of Yoga and Meditation – ATMAN. Yoga Conferences & Workshops by Irina Childs
During 2008-2009 I also coordinated yoga teacher training groups on behalf of ATMAN Federation in London, and have held various yoga classes as well as individual one2one lessons.
I co-founded the Natha Yoga Therapy Center, the first centre of its kind that opened in Denmark, during August 09.
Whilst in Copenhagen, I held business yoga classes at Microsoft for R&D and at the Municipal Hospital for doctors and nurses in a 3 months programme for Health Care Practitioners.
Over the years, I continued to practice, teach and also publish in the field of Yoga, some recent articles being available in ASANA - the International Yoga Journal.
In the past 7 years I have also formally studied Kashmirian Shivaism, Tantra and Ayurveda.
About Tara Yoga Centre
Yoga and Tantra in the UK
Tara Yoga Centre is a UK registered charity, dedicated to exploring and teaching traditional spirituality in its essential form.
From a holistic stand point we offer a complete and profound experience weaving together the fundamental theoretical principles with a rich practical experience and methodology comprising together the basis of the yoga and tantra systems.
Our Aim
Tara Yoga Centre was created in order to share a style of teachings which are based on the traditional system of yoga. The methods used in our classes reveal the laws of spiritual science and encourage the application of these laws into our daily lives.
At Tara Yoga Centre we aim to reveal yoga in its essential form, teaching not only physical techniques, but including traditional and fundamental theoretical principles which form the basis of the yoga system.
This enables yoga students to become aware of how and why yoga works for them, making it a valuable tool for personal transformation at all levels of the being.

Contact Us
Name: Irina Childs
Tel: 07880 796 598
Please mention the All About Weybridge website  
Email: irina@tarayogacentre.co.uk  
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Events - Yoga Conferences & Workshops
In Weybridge centre we aim to have a free conference every month in addition to the weekly classes
Based on demand we can also organise half day or full day workshops
In addition, Tara Yoga centre in London has weekend events throughout the year - all being either discounted or free for members
ATMAN Federation has 2 international camps one in May and one in August and Tara Yoga Centre organises a summer camp in Surrey every June around the summer solstice period, all of which are open to all Weybridge yoga students
Yang spiral formation in the international Yoga Camp in Herculane
“Through the school I have learned about spirituality and looking back I can see that is what my life was missing.
I can see now that life is a wonderful game where we can be actors or simple pawns – it depends on our level of awareness.
For this we need teachings like those at Tara.”
 J Bernard
Why Choose Tara Yoga Courses?
Your teacher has a deep experience and knowledge of Yoga and Tantra
We offer a range of courses, techniques, lectures and workshops from beginners to experienced
At Tara you can find a warm, friendly and welcoming environment with regular social spiritual events
We offer support and guidance in your practice which can be used to help overcome challenges of life
The school has over 20,000 practicants all over the world and you have a chance to access this knowledge and make friends starting from right here in Weybridge, in your local community, yet benefiting in the unison of a much wider community
Yoga Class Details
Weekly - 2 hour class every Saturday
Part theory, part experiential practice
Each week builds on the teachings of the previous week
Continuous course that runs for the year
Book in blocks of 12 weeks – see more details under fee & membership section
Topics Covered
Hatha Yoga (theoretical practice and asanas)
In depth exploration of the 7 chakra system
Fundamental laws and principles including the laws of resonance, correspondence, polarity
Laya Yoga meditation
Yoga Nidra
Sexual Continence, biological transmutation and sublimation
Natural healing and purification of the physical body and mind
Health and diet
Benefits of Tara Yoga Course
Achieve physical, emotional and mental harmony and health
Awaken your latent potential enabling you to fulfil your dreams and goals
Complete holistic approach, where you can learn everything from postures to how to integrate yoga practice into your daily life
Continuous learning process, with each lesson building on the previous lessons.
You can always take things at your own pace
What do you need to bring / eating
 – your good self, comfortable clothes
 – we have matts and blankets
Try not to eat a heavy meal within 2/3 hours of the class starting
Bring a pad and pen to take notes
Weybridge Yoga Course - Where & When
Weybridge Library Hall,
Elmbridge Museum Entrance,
Church Street, Weybridge,
Surrey, KT13 8DE
When: Every Saturday, 5-7 pm
Fees & Membership
Tara Yoga Centre runs a membership system whereby members enjoy a range of benefits and support.
We also offer discounted fees for students, pensioners and unnemployed. Proof will need to be provided.
Drop in class - available from September 2014 until April 2015 – £12 (£9 with discount)
Membership – 12 weeks - £120 (£90 with discount)
Membership paid in advance for yearly course - 45 weeks - £400
Our courses run from September to end of July each year. We also organise yoga and tantra camps both in UK and internationally.
Courses are being tought following a world-wide approved curriculuum for each year of study, that is the same in all countries where we have classes.
During each class, you continue to learn, practice and develop your yoga skills and inner awarness. This also means that if you travel you can join likeminded colleagues and follow through with your practice being guided in a consistent manner by vetted and experienced teachers.
Continous Education & Teacher Training
As you progress on the advanced classes, and should you desire, you have the chance after the 3rd year of study to enrol in yoga teacher training programme that is internationaly recognized – all classes that you have attended in the first 3 years being considered towards your foundation.
'Free' Yoga Classes - Other Locations
Your membership card allows you to attend any yoga classes at your level of study in any ATMAN centres in UK and world wide without any extra charge. Ensure you have your card stamped & up to date.
Please ask me prior to travelling for a local contact name and address.
Other locations where we hold yoga classes and events:
United Kingdom
  London, Oxford, Manchester, Richmond on Thames
World Wide
  Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Iceland, Switzerland, Sweden, Grece, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Hungary, US, Russia, Argentina, South Africa, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Chech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Thailand, Uruguay
Yoga Classes in Weybridge - International Yoga School


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