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Tatiana Mercier Yoga 


Power Yoga For Strength & Flexibility


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Why Yoga? 
Having practiced practically every sport you can think of (basketball, jogging, body-building, pilates, swimming, dancing, cycling, volley-ball, horseback riding, ballet, tai-chi, aerobics, power plate, etc.), the one discipline that has always left me feeling truly invigorated and energized, and yet profoundly relaxed and renewed, is yoga.
The deep feeling of relaxation, inner and outer strength, restored vital energy and overall vibrancy that you get from a good vinyasa flow yoga practice, is absolutely unique! You need to try it to judge by yourself!    
My Yoga Classes are only for those who enjoy having a real, thorough physical workout, as well as a spiritual connection with the Self. This is why I always include in them a meditation, yoga nidra,  and pranayama as well.
Come and give yourself the gift of treating body, mind, and soul all at the same time. Itís a beautiful experience!  
We move relatively fastly throughout the poses and donít take many pauses, so I recommend you already have the practice of another sport before you come. But donít worry, you donít need to be an experienced yogi to join us.   Power Yoga Fitness Workout in Weybridge & Wimbledon with Tatiana Mercier Yoga
You can learn from scratch, as a beginner, and build up week after week. Ready for the challenge? 
Other Venues For Group Yoga Classes:
As well as Weybridge Hall, I also hold Yoga classes in London as follows:
Wednesdays 1.15pm-2pm at Christ Church Southwark Hall, 27 Blackfriars Road SE1 8NY
Wimbledon - Coming soon
Please contact me to book your place
Private Yoga Classes:
Private classes in the comfort of your own home are also available, in small groups, or as 1-2-1s.
You can purchase a package of four sessions, or take them individually when it suits you.
The 1-2-1s are the best choice if you have injuries or specific health concerns. I would desing a practice that best suits your personal requirements. 

For More Information:  
Call: 0787 20 22 009   
please mention all about Weybridge website  
Email: info@tatianamercier.co.uk    
Website: www.tatianamercier.co.uk   
Power Yoga Fitness Workouts in Weybridge & Wimbledon Surrey
Power Yoga for Strength and Flexibility
About Tatiana Mercier:
Tatiana Mercier is a certified yoga instructor and a certified naturopathic nutritional therapist, trained with the highly regarded Life Centre (Notting Hill), Federation Francaise de Yoga (Paris), and with CNM London. 
Her yoga classes are highly therapeutic as theyíre based on classical yoga and yoga-therapy.  
Benefits From Yoga Classes: 
You can expect tremendous benefits from her sessions if you suffer from back pain, neck pain, reduced mobility and flexibility, stress, fatigue, poor energy levels, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, constipation, IBS, and more! For more info, get in touch:  
Power Yoga Fitness Classes in Weybridge Surrey & Wimbledon & London SE1


all about Weybridge - useful information about Weybridge, Surrey & surrounding areas

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