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At Weybridge & Walton Physiotherapy

We are here to help you get the most out of your day by Restoring and Optimising your levels of activity.
This means getting to the root of your problem, not just treating the symptoms.
We do this using hands-on assessment and treatment combined with our thorough understanding of how the human body works.
We also want to help you understand how your body works, because we know this will help you get healthy – and keep you healthy longer.
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Weybridge & Walton Physiotherapy restores and optimises
We Restore Optimise & Empower
Our Team
Unrivalled in Skills and Experience
Between us we have over 150 years of experience and have each developed areas of special interest.
So as a team we have specialised skills and experience in all areas of the body.
We have worked with a wide range of patients, from hard-working mothers to international sports teams, athletes and performers.
Uniquely Positioned to Provide the Answer to Your Problem
We love what we do, thrive on working with people and challenge ourselves to get better than expected results.
All of our physiotherapists are trained in hands-on, manual therapy and work hard to customise each treatment programme to the specific needs of each patient.
Our reputation for getting results means we have close working relationships with a wide range of medical consultants and specialist doctors.
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"You quickly diagnosed the problem, clearly explained the body's reaction and devised an effective remedy both in session and through exercises. All in all I am delighted" – Patient Survey. More Patient Testimonials
Weybridge & Walton Physiotherapy - Experienced team of Physiotherapists - Practice in Church St Weybridge Surrey - Weybridge & Hersham Rd Walton-on-Thames
What we Do
Specialising in the Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal System.
We understand how nerves, muscles and the skeleton depend on each other and work together in a healthy body, which means we can accurately assess and diagnose your problem.
We use our thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology and our understanding of biomechanical movement patterns to identify underlying problems then develop creative solutions matched to each individual patient’s lifestyle or sport.
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Weybridge & Walton Physiotherapy can treat Neck Pain and Stiffness, Whiplash, Trapped Nerves, Computer Related Pain and Stiffness & Joint Strains
Weybridge & Walton Physiotherapy are Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal System Specialists
Weybridge & Walton Physiotherapists trusted by leading insurers
Weybridge & Walton Physiotherapy is trusted by leading insurers
Sports and Remedial Massage
If you are an athlete...
When training, we are overloading our muscles and other soft tissues. This causes low level trauma with the result that the muscles get stronger.
This process of recovering and strengthening can be helped by Sports massage, including Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Release and Deep Tissue Massage.
Sports & Remedial Massage
Do you have a sports related injury?
If you are office based in a stressful environment...
Our bodies are designed to move. That is how we keep good circulation, our joints healthy and our muscles relaxed.
When we spend long periods in static postures the circulation in our muscles decreases and even low level strain over an extended period, leads to muscle imbalances and postural dysfunction.
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Contact Weybridge & Walton Physiotherapy
Weybridge Practice  Tel: 01932 847 900
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Email: weybridge@weybridgephysio.co.uk
Address: 10 Church Street
Surrey KT13 8DX
Walton Practice  Tel: 01932 847 900
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Email: walton@weybridgephysio.co.uk
Address: The Fort House Surgery
32 Hersham Road
Surrey KT12 1UX
Website: Weybridge & Walton Physiotherapy   
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all about Weybridge - useful information about Weybridge, Surrey & surrounding areas

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