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Willow Gallery has relocated from Weybridge Surrey to Duke St, London


John Atkinson Grimshaw (1836 - 1893) - The Pool and London Bridge at Night Fine Art Oil Painting For Sale

Artist: John Atkinson Grimshaw (1836 - 1893)

Painting Title: "The Pool and London Bridge at Night"

Oil on canvas, signed, dated 1884+ and inscribed verso.
Frame size: 33 x 47in / 84 x 119cm

Artist Sir Alfred Munnings - Painting The Morning Ride For Sale

John Atkinson Grimshaw (1836 - 1893) - The Pool and London Bridge at Night Fine Art Oil Painting For Sale

Sir Kyffin Williams RA, RCA (1918 - 2006) - Pembrokeshire Cottage Fine Art Oil Painting For Sale

Artist Maximilien Luce - Painting La Bievre près du Paris

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Sotheby’s, London, 13 December 1989, lot 82;
Richard Green, London, 1989;
Private collection, North America;
Richard Green, London, 1996;
Private collection, North America;
Sotheby’s, London, 10 November 1999, lot 142;
Private collection USA
When Grimshaw painted The Pool and London Bridge at Night the bridge was only fifty years old, having been completed by Sir John Rennie in 1831 according to his father’s design. It is this quadruple-spanned structure that was bought and transported stone by stone to Lake Havasu City in Arizona in 1971 by the oil and chainsaw magnate Robert McCulloch when it was sold by the British Government.

The Pool of London was originally defined as the stretch of the Thames river between Billingsgate and the City of London, where ships were required to allow inspection of their imported cargoes by Customs Officers from Customs House, the large classical edifice visible at the right side of Grimshaw’s picture. London Bridge formed a barrier that prevented tall-ships progressing further upriver, marking the boundary of the Pool and it was the only crossing point for a long stretch of the river; Tower Bridge was not completed until a decade after Grimshaw’s picture was painted. In the nineteenth century, more than two-thirds of the cargoes brought into the docks of the Pool of London were from colliers meeting the increased demand for coal from the expanding city. In Grimshaw’s painting the coal-barges are the human activity within an otherwise motionless scene. Grimshaw’s London views, first painted in the early 1880s, may be regarded as pictorial counterparts to the descriptions of the new industrialised city by Charles Dickens whilst the romantic atmosphere has been compared to Tennyson and Keats’ poetry.

John Atkinson Grimshaw - Artist's Biography

John Atkinson Grimshaw was a British landscape painter. Born in Leeds, he remained in the north of England for most of his life. He first began painting while working as a clerk for the Great Northern Railway, and in 1861 he left his job and decided to become a full-time artist.

Grimshaw’s early works were true to the Pre-Raphaelite style, with painted landscapes of accurate colour and lighting, and vivid detail. By the late 1860s he had begun to experiment with moonlit scenes, initially concentrating on rural areas before including cityscapes and docksides. He often painted images that typified seasons or a type of weather with city and suburban streets and moonlit views of the docks in London, Leeds, Liverpool, and Glasgow featuring largely in his art. By applying his skill in lighting effects, and unusually careful attention to detail, he was often capable of intricately describing a scene, while strongly conveying its mood. It was in these paintings that Grimshaw found his vocation. The architecture and industry of the new cities could be softened and romanticised in moonlight, with the gas lights giving them a warmth and attractiveness so lacking in daylight. His ability to give the new sprawling urbanisation of Victorian England a timeless and haunting quality was hugely popular. As Whistler famously commentated; ‘I considered myself the inventor of nocturnes until I saw Grimmy’s moonlight picture.’ Grimshaw’s lease of the grand Knostrop Hall in 1870 reflected both his success and the romantic light in which he saw the world, and features in many of his popular paintings of suburban moonlit lanes. Built near Leeds in the late 17th century, the house was a source of some pride, and its slightly careworn appearance was perfect for the romantic notion of time passing, and the gentle descent into decay.

In 1880, Grimshaw gave up the lease of his other house in Scarborough, which he had rented since 1876, and began to make regular visits to London. Why he did this at this point in his life can be assumed to be a result of a mysterious financial crisis that he faced in 1879. 1880 was also the year in which the renowned dealers Agnews ended their association with him, and it seems that he saw his trips to London as a means to increase his output and profile at the same time as diversifying his subject matter. Certainly the number of paintings that he produced increased during this period, giving credence to the theory that his finances had suffered.

It is unclear how many trips Grimshaw made to the capital, but several paintings dating from 1880, 1882, 1883, and 1884 suggest that there were regular visits. During the first half of the 1880s, he concentrated on scenes of the Thames, with associated London landmarks, bathed in his idiosyncratic moonlight. These appear to have been well-received, and in 1885, he moved into Anderson’s Hotel, a central location, in order to find a studio space. Shortly thereafter, he moved into Studio 5 in the Trafalger Studios block in Chelsea, an excellent location for meeting other artists and dealers, and giving him the best possible chance for success in his new environment. It was here that Grimshaw met Whistler, amongst others, and he quickly took advantage of his new location by having two paintings accepted for the 1885 Royal Academy exhibition, with further paintings accepted by the Grosvenor Gallery, Arthur Tooth and Sons, and the Institute of Painters in Oil Colours. After a brief two-year stay in the capital, Grimshaw returned to his beloved Knostrop, presumably with his financial situation more secure, and he remained there until dying of cancer in 1893.

Grimshaw’s work can now be seen in galleries all over the world including the Tate Gallery in London and the Leeds Museum. One of the country’s most desired and collected Victorian artists, his peerless ability to capture the beauty in an era of great social and economic change has made him the definitive painter of nocturnal Victorian cityscapes.


About Willow Gallery

Willow Gallery first opened in Weybridge during the late 1980s, dealing in British and European 19th century paintings. Since relocating to London’s Duke Street, St James’s in 2006, the business has expanded both its client base and range of stock, and now sells work from the 1830s to the 1980s.

With an exhaustive global knowledge of the constantly fluctuating art market, full in-depth research of any painting purchased, and a keen eye for only buying exceptional paintings in excellent condition, we are able to procure works that represent superb value for money. With a vast network of contacts throughout the globe, we are aware of paintings long before they are available on the open market. Before acquiring a painting, a member of staff will usually travel to wherever it may be, to personally evaluate the piece and confirm that it fulfils all relevant criteria concerning quality, price, and condition. Clients quickly become aware that they are buying a painting that has had a thorough assessment from Willow Gallery, and realise the value of such expertise in ensuring that they are completely happy with their purchases.

The services that the gallery provide extend far beyond the moment of sale. To ensure that the paintings look their best in their new environment, we can provide a full installation service. We work with a number of lighting consultants and can also arrange to have the work hung by experts to ensure complete peace of mind. Advice can also be given regarding framing, cleaning and conservation. We will on occasion take pieces on consignment to sell on clients’ behalf.

Willow Gallery is perfectly placed to look to the future with confidence. With a location in the most sought-after street in the traditional art world, and a strong presence in numerous fairs both in the UK and abroad, our client base continues to expand as numerous buyers join us on our journey. Please visit the gallery to view our constantly changing stock, and should you have any paintings to sell, we are always looking to purchase the finest quality work.

Willow Art Gallery London - Fine Art Oil Paintings -Previously at Weybridge Surrey

Fine Art Oil Paintings at Willow Art Gallery London


We are also happy to advise clients about their collections, and are always looking to purchase the highest-quality paintings.


Willow Gallery has relocated from Weybridge Surrey to Duke St, London

Willow Fine Art Gallery in Duke Street London - Previously in Weybridge Surrey 

Visiting or Contacting Willow Gallery

Please visit our website to view our entire current collection, and if you require any information, contact the gallery and we would be happy to help.

Website: www.willowgallery.com

Willow Gallery London

40 - 41 Duke Street

St James's

London SW1Y 6DF

Tel: 0207 968 1830
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From Overseas: +44 (0) 20 7968 1830
Mob: +44 (0) 7973 642140 at anytime
E-Mail: enquiries@willowgallery.com

Maurice Utrillo (1883 - 1955) Artist - Église Saint Léger, Soissons - Fine Art Oil Painting For Sale

Artist Laurence Stephen Lowry - Family Group

Artist Dorothea Sharp - On the Shore Painting at Willow Gallery London

Thomas Luny (1759 - 1837) Artist - The Battle of the Dogger Bank, August 5th, 1781

Maurice Utrillo (1883 - 1955) Artist - Église Saint Léger, Soissons

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Member of BADA and LAPADA
Established in 1990
Exhibitor at UK and International Fine Art and Antique fairs
Specialists in Impressionist and European paintings

Example Of The Range Of Art For Sale At Willow Gallery London

The extensive collection changes regularly, but the following list will give an indication of the quality and range of fine oil paintings available for sale. At the beginning of April 2015 Willow Gallery had paintings by the following artists;

A Arnosa, Jose Gallegos y

Blaas, Eugen de
Blinks, Thomas
Boudin, Eugène


Campo, Federico del
Cassigneul, Jean Pierre
Coomans, Pierre-Oliver Joseph
Cooper, CVO RA, Thomas Sidney,
Cortes, Edouard Leon

D Dufy, Jean
F Flint, RA, RWS, PRWS, Sir William Russell
Foster, Myles Birket
G Gilbert, Victor Gabriel
Grimshaw, John Atkinson
Grutzner, Eduard von
H Hamza, Johann
Hardy, ARWS, RP, RE, RWA, Heywood
Harvey, Harold
Hutchison, RSA, RBA, ROI, RSW, Robert Gemmell
I Irolli, Vincenzo
K Kennedy, Cecil
Klinkenberg, Johannes Christiaan Karel
Knight, Daniel Ridgway
Koekkoek, Willem
Koester, Alexander
Kruseman, Frederik Marinus
L Ladell, Edward
Laloue, Eugène Galien
Lavery, RA, RSA, RHA, Sir John
Lhermitte, Léon Augustin
Loiseau, Gustave
Lowry RA RSBA, Laurence Stephen
Luce, Maximilien
Luny, Thomas
M Montézin, Pierre Eugène
Munnings, KCVO, PRA, Sir Alfred
Muschamp RBA, Sydney
N Nerly, Christian Friedrich
P Paoletti, Antonio
Percy, Sidney Richard
Preyer, Emilie
R Reggianini, Vittorio
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste
Robie, Jean-Baptiste
S Salinas, Juan Pablo
Schendel, Petrus Van
Seago, RWS, RBA, Edward
Sharp, RBA, ROI, VPSWA, Dorothea
Spencelayh, HRBSA, RMS, VPBWS Charles
Spohler, Jan Jacob
Spohler, Johannes Franciscus
Springer, Cornelis
Stannard, Eloise Harriet
T Towne, Charles
U Utrillo, Maurice
V Valtat, Louis
Vlaminck, Maurice de
W Williams RA, RCA, Sir Kyffin

Visit the Willow Gallery website for the current selection of images representing paintings, which are only a choice few from their extensive collection.

Please mention the all about Weybridge website when you contact Willow Gallery.
Willow Gallery Weybridge Surrey & London is a member of BADA - the British Antique Dealers' Association. Categories of Art at Willow gallery include Sporting, Marine, Impressionist, Modern British, Victorian & European

BADA - the British Antique Dealers' Association

Willow Gallery Weybridge Surrey & London is a member of LAPADA - the Association of Art and Antiques Dealers - Categories of Art at Willow gallery include Sporting, Marine, Impressionist, Modern British, Victorian & European

LAPADA - the Association of Art and Antiques Dealers

We are always looking to purchase fine quality paintings



Gustave Loiseau (1865 - 1935) Artist - Plage Et Falaises De Fécamp - Fine Art Oil Painting For Sale

Gustave Loiseau (1865 - 1935) Artist - Plage Et Falaises De Fécamp

Jean Pierre Cassigneul Derrière la Vitre

Emilio Sanchez-perrier (1855 - 1907) - A Quiet Stretch Of The River

Eugène Boudin (1824 - 1898) Port De Mer. Un Bassin. Effet Du Matin

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Website: www.willowgallery.com
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