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News: New Venue for Pregnancy Yoga & Relaxation Classes

I've found a lovely new venue for Pregnancy & Relaxation Yoga Classes. The new venue combines my love of books and yoga, the venue is carpeted, well lit, is private and warm. The classes will be kept small ensuring plenty of individual attention at the large meeting room at Walton On Thames Library,The Heart Shopping Mall, KT12 1HZ. Classes will restart on Wednesday 25th February 2015 at 9.30am, I will be there from 9.15am.

Yoga Classes - Flowers Yoga

Accessible Yoga Classes for people of all ages
  Yoga & Relaxation Classes
One to Ones / Private Sessions
  Pregnancy Yoga Classes
  Chair Yoga - Classes for the elderly at care homes
Postnatal Mum & Baby Classes - Bespoke classes either one to one or small groups
Yoga & Relaxation Classes
Our yoga practice begins lying down with a short relaxation to give ourselves a few moments to switch off from whatever has been happening in our busy day, to relax away any tension and to prepare for the practice by beginning to focus on our breathing.
"Nita's class is warm, welcoming and pushes you just as far as you need, it has a positive impact on my week and I feel the difference without it". 
Deep, steady, rhythmic breathing is an integral part of yoga practice and we spend a few minutes doing some pranayama exercises.
The sanskrit word pranayama comes from three root words: prana, meaning energy; yama, meaning dicipline or control and ayama meaning extention or stretch. 
"Pranayama thus means the prolongation of breath and it's restraint." BKS Iyengar Light on Pranayama.   
As with all exercise, it is important to prepare our muscles properly for the practice by warming them up, so we begin by working through a gentle sequence which takes the spine through it's natural range of movement. 
Surya Namaskar: Sun Salutation
This is the classical sequence to warm the body and prepare for the asana or posture practice ahead.
We flow through a series of movements which warm the whole body – from our fingers and wrists to our ankles and toes and which takes the spine through it's full range of movement.  
There are lots of variations of the sun salute, we will usually practice two: The sun salute is a flow. 
We move in and out of each pose without stopping and as we move we use our breath to lead us – inhaling and exhaling "one move one breath".   
Asana: Postures or Poses
The Sanskrit word asana literally means "seat" or "place". Again, using the breath to lead us we move into each asana or posture and once settled hold it for several complete breaths – at first maybe only one or two, but with time and practice building up to five or more.
Asanas can be described according to their characteristics: forward bends; back bends; twists; balances; hip openers, inversions.
They may be practiced standing, sitting or lying down.  
The practice moves through a series of asanas, balancing them with counterposes. 
In the beginners and refreshers course we will progress from basic asanas through variations to the more challenging.   
Both gentle and more challenging options are always given.
Weybridge Hall, Elmbridge Surrey Hatha Yoga & Relaxation Classes
Savasana: Relaxation  
Savansana (literal translation - corpse pose), is always the final posture of the practice.
We finish as we began: lying down in relaxation. This is the time for the body and the mind to rest, for the breath to slow, to become quiet and still.    
The classic Yoga text, The Hatha Yoga Pradipika, says "With this asana tiredness caused by other asanas is eliminated; it also promotes calmness of mind".   
Areas Covered
For all types of classes / one to ones:
Weybridge, Walton on Thames, Oxshott, Esher, Hersham, Virginia Water and surrounding areas.
"Nita has had such a positive influence on my pregnancy with the weekly yoga practice.
She always listens and adjusts the practice to the specific complaint at that particular time.
Yoga has helped me tremendously to cope with all the little niggles and discomforts that occur in pregnancy and kept me mobile and aware of my body and the changes in undergoes.
Nita is particularly sensitive and always positive in her approach. A wonderful teacher!"
Walton-on-Thames & Weybridge Yoga Classes
Walton on Thames Pregnancy & Relaxation Yoga Classes
Group Yoga Classes, Termly
Tues: 9.30am - 10.45am Weybridge Hall
Hatha Yoga & Relaxation 
Address: Church Street,
Weybridge, Surrey KT13 8DX  
Weds: 9.30am - 10.30am The Heart Walton
Pregnancy Yoga & Relaxation
Address: Walton On Thames Library,
The Heart Shopping Mall,
Walton-on-Thames, Surrey KT12 1HZ
Yoga to help manage and relieve common aches and pains of pregnancy. Breathing techniques and relaxation techniques. 
Costs & Joining Classes
£10 per class drop in/first class
or sign up to a term of classes at £8 per class.
You can join at at any point in the term, if book and you cannot attend a class you can send a friend instead!
Birthlight Pregnancy Yoga Classes
Meet other pregnant women in a fun and relaxed setting. Take time every week to de-stress and connect with your baby.
Develop body and breath awareness to optimise your health and well-being during pregnancy as well as preparing yourself for labour.  
Pregnancy Yoga Classes in Hersham Weybridge & Elmbridge
The yoga is gentle and slow paced so is suitable for all stages of pregnancy from 14 weeks + and for beginners too.  
It's a complete myth that you need to be bendy to do pregnancy yoga - the movements we do in class are within everyone's comfortable range.
One to Ones / Private Sessions
A personally designed yoga practice that you can do in the convenience and comfort of your own home.
Whether you’re new to yoga, recovering from an injury, don’t like large group classes, or simply enjoy the personal attention of a private in-home class.
 I offer an insightful, in-depth approach to yoga that accommodates your specific needs. Classes are designed to suit your level and goals while continually challenging you to go deeper into your practice.
Every student can benefit from the attention and focus of a Private class. A One to one allows me to spend individual time with you and answer your questions and we can set a fantastic foundation for further practice.

Contact Flowers Yoga
For enquiries and bookings please contact Nita Flowers:
Tel: 07540 790 415 
Please mention the All About Weybridge website  
Email: nita@flowersyoga.co.uk  
Website: www.flowersyoga.co.uk   

What To Wear At Yoga Classes
Whatever you feel comfortable in 
What To Bring To Yoga Classes
A yoga mat & water. A blanket for relaxation is also nice 
Postnatal Mum & Baby Yoga Classes
I'm not currently running any public open classes for mother and baby yoga but offering more bespoke postnatal yoga meeting individual needs, that you can bring baby along to! 
The months after birth are an important time for your body. The immense changes undergone during pregnancy and labour take their toll on the muscles, joints and in particular, the pelvic floor. Mother and baby classes are a wonderful opportunity to realign the spine, regain your strength and tone, internally as well as externally.  Bithlight Yoga - Pregnancy & Post-Natal Yoga in Weybridge, Elmbridge & Surrey
Tension in the body and mind is released. Breath work rebalances energy levels and restores calm in the busy and bewildering time of new motherhood.  
The experience of moving through poses with your baby close to you is a beautiful and fun way to get to know each other, building the eternal connection between mother and child. 
If you would like to host a class in your own home in a group or on a one-to-one basis, I am happy to travel a reasonable distance do let me know.
Classes are very relaxed and informal using Birthlight techniques. 
Postnatal Yoga - Costs 
Individual One-on-one classes held in your own home. 
Perfect for individual attention or if you have had a caesarean or want to get started straight away. 
£45 per session 
Group Course In your home
Group of up to 4  
£40 per baby for a four week course 
Group Course In Weybridge Methodist Church 
£60 per baby for a four week course 
Hatha Yoga & Relaxation Classes in Weybridge Elmbridge Surrey
Care Home Yoga
Chair yoga is wonderful for anyone but especially helpful for you as a senior adult to keeping those joints and muscles moving.
It will maintain, stretch, and strengthen your body and allow relaxation.
A gentle and relaxed supportive yoga.
Chair Yoga classes focus on breathing and a mixture of exercises that will “free up” many of the major joints.
Chair Yoga - Classes for the elderly at care homes in Surrey including Elmbridge
I currently teach in a number of care homes and am also available to teach chair yoga classes in Surrey, contact me to organise your class.
"I love Nita's class, she takes the time to make sure your position is correct and adapts to individual abilities".  


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