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Addlestone near Chertsey & New Haw Swimming Classes for Babies & Toddlers

H2O Kidz

H2O Kidz is an aqua school providing baby swimming lessons in Surrey.
Babies, Tots & Kids Swimming Classes in Addlestone near Weybridge Surrey
Let us teach your young ones to be waterbabies through the use of songs, games, movement and word association
Location of H2O Kids Swimming Classes
Philip Southcote School
KT15 2QH

Contact H2O Kids Swimming Classes
Crystal Brownett (proprietor and instructor)
Phone: 07584 995 372

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Email: info@h2okidz.co.uk
Website: www.h2okidz.co.uk  
H20 Kidz offers
swimming classes
for babies and
toddlers that teach children to swim
by having fun
in the water.
H2O Kidz Swimming Classes - Baby, Toddler & Kids Swimming School, Addlestone near Weybridge Surrey
We also incorporate the use of color, shapes, toys, numbers and letters to help their everyday learning skills.
All our baby swimming classes are taught by ASA qualified instructors specialising in baby swimming.
Our ethos is simple and important: Teach every child the most important skill they could ever learn
Addlestone near Weybridge Swimming Lessons for Babies, Kids & Toddlers
Term Dates
Mondays 10 week course
14th September - 30th November
No swimming 26th Oct and 2nd Nov (half term)
Wednesdays - 10 week Course:
16th Sept 2nd Dec
No swimming 28th Oct and 4th Nov (half term)
Classes available in the Weybridge, Addlestone, Chertsey and Ottershaw area
H20 Babies (WaterBabies)
are classes designed for babies for as young as 3 months old up to 1.5 years.
These classes are taken at a slower and calmer pace than H20 tots.
Please note babies can start swimming only after their vaccinations
H20 Tots (WaterTots)
are classes designed for older babies from 1.5 years to 3 years as classes require babies to stand up, crawl or walk
H20 Kidz (WaterKidz)
are classes designed for pre-school children who are old enough to take an instruction can learn to swim without an adult in the pool with them.
Children can join this class from 2/3 years.
Times Of Addlestone Classes
9.30am H2O Babies Level 2 & 3 **
** Babies that have already done underwater swimming  lessons before
10am H2O Babies Level 1*
* New babies starting lessons up to the age of 2 years
9.30am 2/3 year old swimming lesson
Mum in the water, concentrating on swimming and water confidence
10am H2O Babies Level 1*
* new babies starting swimming lessons for the first time up to the age of 2 years
80 per 10 week term


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