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Choosing the Best Brush for your Art

Painting is a great way to get your creative juices running. Many top scientists and thinkers in the history of mankind have given great praise to the soothing power of art that can move your mind like no other logical endeavor could. Whether you'd like to be more creative, see the world with different eyes or simply have a lovely hobby that can both relax you and entertain you, painting is a great pass time that anyone can take.

Most beginners, however, are a little daunted when it comes to selecting their materials. They assume (and quite rightly so) that the tools that you use for the trade make a deep impact in the quality of your pieces. They don't want to end up like the fellow who took up the lonely Russian course Detroit offered and latter wondered why he couldn't speak like a real native. While this is all true to an extent, the differences in quality and diverse characteristics of the different materials really come to place when you've mastered the basics and are looking for tools that can supplement your skills. For the first timers, we've put up a little guide on how to choose your brush that will get you a painless start right away.

How to Choose your Brush

There are many brands, types and sizes when it comes to selecting a brush. Sometimes it's very difficult to find out what exactly separates the 7 brush from the 30 that looks exactly the same. It's hard to make a choice when you can't tell the difference. Like with our metaphor above, it's easy to select between English courses in Ottawa and those given in London, but here we have no such easy choice. The truth is that any brush will work for its intended purpose: as an applicator of paint. The fact is, however, that some (some hair types or some shapes) will work best for certain tasks than others.
Form Follows Function
The selection of your brush should follow an evaluation of the brush's ability to work with the following items:
The properties of your paint and other media (composition, viscosity, cleaning solvent used and so on)
The properties of the surface you'll be working on (the texture, firmness and absorbency)
The technique you plan to use and the final product you're looking to produce

Going Synthetic

Whether before synthetic brushes were only used (but great at) for painting outside of your home and little else, today they have become a staple of the art industry and something that a beginner can really take advantage of. Thanks to the advances in the technology, there are now a wide variety of synthetic fibers of high quality that make synthetic brushes a cheaper alternative to some of the natural hair brushes.

The Problems of Some Natural Brushes

Natural hair is a by-product of other industries. The price of natural hair brushes usually swings wildly because of this.
Environmental and Climatic conditions affect the quality of the hair (thus, you can't always count on getting the same quality product.)
Fine quality natural hair brushes can be awfully expensive and uniform quality is harder to achieve.

Advantages of Synthetic Brushes

They are less expensive than their natural brush equivalent.
Man made synthetic filament is much less prone to damage from solvents, bugs or even paint.
They are easier to clean and much more durable (less prone to breaking.)
Can be used for both watercolors and oils and work like a charm with acrylics.

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