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Homeopathy is a gentle system
of medicine that uses the body's
natural processes to heal itself

  healing naturally

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I practice in Weybridge, Surrey and also at Camilla Campbell Yoga in Cobham.
If you'd like an appointment but can't come during my usual working hours get in touch and I'll see what I can do.
Contact me for an appointment
Claire Brockwell RSHom
Mob: 07774 561 953

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If you can't get hold of me, but would like acute Homeopathic advice, ring the Homeopathic helpline on 0906 534 3404. For further information on this service follow the link on my useful links page.
Weybridge Natural Therapies:
30 Monument Green, Weybridge,
Surrey KT13 8QW
Tel: 01932 888 663

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Hours: Tuesdays 3pm-8pm
Camilla Campbell Yoga:
22B High Street, Cobham, Surrey KT11 3EB
Hours: Fridays 9am-1pm
Lobelia Cardinalis used by Weybridge, Esher & Walton Homeopath Claire Brockwell

Lobelia Cardinalis

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