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Spelthorne Civic Pride Volunteers
Working with local residents 1989 - 2006
Community Projects Autumn 2005
Spelthorne Civic Pride VolunteersThanks to the hard work of volunteers, St Nicholas School and Tarmac, the Funky Footprints Nature Reserve has won two awards this year. One from Surrey County Council and the other from the British Trust for Ornithology.

Could you spare a Sunday morning to help continue this work . You don’t need any experience, just come along to a work day and see what we do. We will provide the tools and refreshments. All you need are old cloths, stout boots and energy!
Local People - Local Action
Date Site What We Are Doing
4th Sept Sunday Award

Nature Reserve
Black Ditch footpath, School Lane, Shepperton
This site won the British Trust for Ornithology’s Conservation prize and Surrey County Council’s Award for Good Practice this summer and it’s thanks to all you volunteers hard work! But, there is always more we can do to enhance this site further.
We will be making insect log piles, burying beetle buckets, stacking the cut grass under the hedge as cover for more insects and amphibians to over winter in & clearing a new “bare” ground area for solitary insects. As you can see we have lots to do. Could you spare an hour or two to help? No experience needed and we supply all the tools you need. Egham & Staines Conservation Volunteers will be working along side us. Will you be there too?
18th Sept Sunday Laleham Pond
Ashford Road, Laleham
We need to lay mulch matting on the path to keep the weeds down and bury some special buckets filled with wood chips for Stag Beetles which we know are on site.
2nd Oct Sunday Millennium Wood
Gaston Bridge Road, Shepperton
This new wood is thriving and all the volunteers who helped to create it should congratulate themselves! The number of birds, insects and butterflies is increasing every year. The trees have been so successful that they need thinning and one last bed needs wood chips round the bases of the trees. Could you spare an hour or so?
16th Oct Sunday Swan Sanctuary
Felix Lane, Shepperton
 We aren’t sure exactly what we will be doing, but they still need our help to improve this site for wildlife and the patients.
Working with E&SCV and hopefully you as well.
The Swan Sanctuary Shepperton

  Swans in love?
30th Oct Sunday Laleham Pond
Ashford Road, Laleham
Nature will reclaim this pond and surround-ing land if we are not careful. We must remove part of the reeds from round the pond margins, and cut back some areas of brambles and nettles.
13th Nov Sunday Funky
Nature Reserve
Black Ditch footpath, School Lane, Shepperton
More reed pulling and pruning willows. And we hope to erect our new bird watching hide and other improvements for wildlife - with E&SCV and YOU?
27th Nov Sunday Littleton Recreation Ground Laleham Road, Shepperton As part of the Liveability Project we will be working with local residents & E&SCV to improve this little park. More trees will be added to encourage wildlife and enhance the area for people too. Please come and help – no experience is needed. We will provide all the tools and even a hot cup of coffee and a chocolate biscuit!
11th Dec Sunday Swan Sanctuary
Felix Lane, Shepperton
Thanks to a grant from Surrey County Council we will be planting trees with E&SCV to improve the site and increase bio-diversity. Please help!
How do I get involved?
It’s easy!
You don’t need any experience – all the projects are suitable for first time volunteers. Everyone is welcome.

What time?
Our work days start at 10am and finish at about lunch time, unless otherwise stated.

Spelthorne Civic Pride Volunteers at Work
Spelthorne Civic Pride Volunteers - Take Pride in Your Community

What should I bring?
Old cloths and sturdy footwear is essential. We provide tools and a hot drink at coffee time.

We have Public Liability insurance.

Can the children come?
Children of school age are welcome, but little of our work is suitable, or safe to the under 10s. All, children under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.

What if the weather is bad?

In the event of heavy rain or bad weather please call Jill Stephens to check that the work day is still going ahead but not before 9am please – 07803-580966 (N.B. Please do not use this number at other times as it is only switch on for work days)

Where do we meet?

Please see our map for exact locations.
Spelthorne Civic Pride Volunteers - Working with local residents 1989 - 2005
For more information
Please contact
Jill Stephens, SCPV Chairman
87 Briar Road, Shepperton, TW17 0JB
Tel: 01932 829460 Mon-Thurs 9-4 or use email button below
Spelthorne Tree Wardens
As well as helping Civic Pride with many of our projects, the Tree Wardens have their own programme of planting and caring for existing trees. They, like us, rely on the help of local residents to continue their work.

If you would like more information about the Tree Wardens and their work within Spelthorne please contact Carol Keys Shaw 01932 566 167
Health Tips
There are three diseases that you should be aware of if you are involved in practical conservation work - Weil's Disease, Tetanus and Lymes disease.

However, don't panic, all are relatively rare and are easily avoided with basic hygiene: wash your hands before eating and wash out any cuts with plenty of soap & clean water, which is always available on site.

is carried by rat's urine and is associated with stagnant or still water. The disease can be avoided by covering any old or new cuts with a waterproof plaster before starting work on a pond, river or ditch. If you get a temperature or aches and pains within two weeks of working in or near water consult your doctor. It is vital to explain that you have been working near water and that Weil’s disease is a possibility.

can be very painful and occasionally fatal, if not diagnosed early. However it is entirely preventable by keeping your immunisation up to date. If you are in any doubt, consult your doctor.

is carried by ticks that "lie in wait" in long grass, bracken or other long vegetation. They will attach themselves to any bare skin or may even crawl up a trouser leg or into a loose shirt. You can avoid being bitten by wearing long trousers, tucked into your socks, where there is long vegetation - no matter how hot it is! A bite from a tick carrying the disease could result in a temperature and aches and pains, like flu. The bite may also become inflamed with a ring of redness around it. Consult your Doctor explain the circumstances and request a blood test.

In addition, if you suffer from any condition such a diabetes or epilepsy, please tell the leader before starting work. This information will be held in confidence.


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