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Beginners Karate Classes in Weybridge Hall

Karate is a system of unarmed combat in which the participants specialise in self-defence techniques including punching, kicking, striking, blocking and throwing

Ideal for men, women and children of all ages

Southern Shotokan Karate Association
Rachel or Tony
01344 482 814 or
07786 627 379

Weybridge Venue & Times:
Weybridge Hall, Church Street
KT13 8DX

Monday Evenings
3.50pm - 5.00pm

West Byfleet Venue & Times:
West Byfleet Junior School, Camphill Road, West Byfleet

Thursday evenings
4.15pm - 5.30pm

Age Group:
No age limit, children and adults of all ages are welcome

Our exercise and training methods work all areas of the body and improve and maintain good circulation. It is a perfect aerobic exercise suitable for everyone.

Shotokan Karate builds self-discipline and confidence.
Parents of our younger students have commented on how their school work has improved due to their higher concentration level and their ability to think quicker and more logically. For some it can channel excess energy into a constructive learning process.

We welcome all new students at our club, adults or children, beginners or the more experienced.

We are now enrolling new students into our beginner's classes as detailed above.

For more information, to reserve your place, or if you would like to enquire about the suitability of Karate for you or your children, please contact either Rachel or Tony at the Southern Shotokan Karate Association.



all about Weybridge - useful information about Weybridge & surrounding areas

Weybridge Surrey Home Church St Area Weybridge Surrey


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