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Black Swan Osteopathy

Black Swan Osteopathy was started with the sole purpose of helping people to reach their goals, whether that is to beat your PB marathon time or be able to put your socks on pain free.
We want to help you move better, more fluidly, efficiently and ultimately, pain free. We believe we are the best at what we do because we get to know you and then use our knowledge and skill to apply a truly bespoke treatment consisting of the best and most up to date techniques to help you get the quickest and most long-lasting results.
You only have one body to last you a lifetime so let us help you look after it.
Osteopathy at Weybridge Health Club, Walton Lane Weybridge Surrey
Working With Other Health & Sports Professionals:
We work very closely with personal trainers, pilates instructors, GPs and orthopaedic consultants so that you are getting the best care possible and the best outcome for you.
Black Swan Osteopathy at Weybridge Health Club - Joint articulation treatment
Health Insurance:
We are covered by most health insurers, some of which may require a GP referral first so please do check your policy.
Unfortunately we are unable to claim on behalf of a patient and ask for payments to be made at the time of treatment so do ensure you have cover before commencing treatment.
Black Swan Osteopathy at Weybridge Health Club near Walton on Thames Surrey
"Move and the world moves with you, stop moving and the world moves without you"
Osteopathy to keep you moving.
Contact Black Swan Osteopathy Weybridge Surrey at Weybridge Health Club
Body Mechanics
We are the mechanics for your body - we can treat tight or uncoordinated muscles and poorly functioning joints, which may help to improve blood flow and body function from the soles of your feet to your digestive system and beyond. 
Contact us today for your free posture and spinal check or if you would like to find out if we can help you.
General Osteopathic Council:
All our osteopaths are registered with the General Osteopathic Council so you have peace of mind that we are safe and looking after your best interests at all times

Clinic Contact Details:
Tel: 01932 237 770
Please quote the All About Weybridge website when you call and come to see us
Email: weybridge@blackswanosteopathy.com
Website: www.blackswanosteopathy.com  
Clinic Address:
Black Swan Osteopathy,
The Weybridge Health Club & Spa,
Walton Lane,
Surrey, KT13 8QA
Sat Nav: KT13 8LU (we are only accessible via Walton Lane)
"Black Swan osteopaths are all about great service and professionalism. Rosie and her team helped sort a problem that I had had plenty of treatment on and had previously not been getting and better, probably due to a correct diagnosis and great treatment. I returned to sport with no recurrences and have just completed a 6-month ski season injury free. Highly recommended!"
Rob, Skier and Hockey player
Treatments Provided:
We provide treatment for a plethora of ailments, here are just a few of the common ones:
Low Back pain
Neck pain
Frozen shoulder
Sciatica and Disc injury
Mother and Baby clinics
Arthritis and Joint pain
Sporting Injuries
Running/Gait analysis
Spinal and Posture checks
Treatment at Black Swan Osteopathy, Weybridge Health Club
Techniques Used:
We will use a range of techniques in your sessions, depending on what you have come to see us about, how you respond to treatment and what it is we are aiming for, and each option will be discussed in your session. Types of techniques included are;
Spinal manipulation
Cranial osteopathic techniques
Fascial release
Muscle energy technique
Joint articulation
Dry needling/Western Acupuncture
Pregnancy, Mums & Babies:
Osteopathy and Massage For Pregnancy, Mums & Babies - Weybridge clinic
See separate page:  Osteopathy and Massage For Pregnancy, Mums & Babies
Includes Baby Massage Classes in Weybridge.


all about Weybridge - useful information about Weybridge, Surrey & surrounding areas

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