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Most couples who have been together for a time can use a little fuel to re-kindle the flames of passion. I always tell my friends dating is way easier than maintaining a healthy relationship. There is a natural wear from the routine that makes even things thrilling and exciting (like getting the chance to be with the person you love) feel weary or tired. Most times, the best remedy is something that breaks the monotony and reminds us the gift of being together. For most men the fact that a relationship needs constant work and care comes as a surprise, most of us never get past our teen years when we chased single ladies around town. I had one of these great moments the last time I was in the beautiful Weybridge.


The scenery is relaxing, the river soothing

Weybridge is a quaint town in the Elmbridge district of Surrey and is surrounded by the ancient River Thames on the north. Most people only know the place for serving as one of the premium locations on the London commuter belt (a ring of suburban emplacements where people who work in London live), but the place is also a peaceful and beautiful locale to spend your weekend in when you need to relax and enjoy the scenery with a loved one. If you are in the area and want to spend a fabulous afternoon or evening, I sincerely recommend you look into taking a boat trip along the waters of the famous River Thames.

Going Down Stream

Taking a chartered boat on the River Thames is a great way to have a different and more personal day with the person you love. These type of outing is not only for those with plenty of money to spend, there are several options to fit any budget.
If you are looking for a fun party you can get into one of the exciting riverboat disco cruises and party until the night comes to an end. Here you can find wild parties with a live DJ which are great if you both like to dance the night away as well as have a few drinks. If on the other hand you enjoy the rush of adrenaline that comes from doing something exciting, you can try the new jet boat cruises. These high speed boats are incredibly manoeuvrable and capable of some awe inspiring stunts on the water. There has been a lot said about how the adrenaline rush is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs, and these jet boats will give you that in spades.
Maybe what you are looking for is a classic evening to make your gal feel like a princess. If so, you can take one of the luxurious dinner cruises that offer elegance and a 5 course meal experience as you quietly sail on the waters of the Thames. These cruises are usually very affordable (considering what you get for your money) and most time there are professional photographers to take a picture that you can take home. Make sure you bring your best clothes as these type of rides have dress codes. Finally, if you are looking to burn your pockets (or just have access to a larger wallet), I recommend hiring a private boat just for your and your better half where you can have an exclusive meal for two and share a romantic moment as the mellow tunes ring in the background.
I hope these trip ideas help you and your couple spend a wonderful time together. A word of advice, make sure you choose something that you can both enjoy, any successful relationship is based on common areas of interest so draw from them and select the best choice for both of you. On the other hand if you are single and still looking for a relationship you can check out websites like this for a little help.
Thanks for this article on relationships, submitted by Steven James

all about Weybridge - useful information about Weybridge Surrey & surrounding areas

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